A Group Of Women Has Brought Back The Tradition Of Weaving To Bring A Social Change In Nagaland

Traditional weaving lost out to power looms and was on its death bed, but a band of dedicated women in Nagaland has not only resurrected it, but taken it to the next level, spinning off an entirely new industry around it — loin-loom-centered tourism.

Sonnie Kath is considered to be the pioneer who breathed new life into loin loom weaving in Nagaland. Back in 2003, Sonnie, along with her two sisters, founded ‘Echo Self Help Group’ and reintroduced traditional weaving in Diezephe village, 15km from Dimapur, the commercial capital of Nagaland.

“What started as an experiment involving 11 weavers has now turned into an industry of 200 women,” says Haiyale, one of the co-founders. “Depending upon the design and how much they weave, some women earn up to Rs 6,000 a month,” she says.

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