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Darby comes out with someone wearing a Cody mask and Darby takes the mask and tears it in half. Darby clearly is intense for this one. Cody’s music hits, and out comes Arn Anderson! It looks like Arn is accompanying Cody as a mentor of sorts, and announced officially as the head coach of The Nightmare Family.

The crowd is HOT and the two start to face off. The two go for a collar and elbow tie up, and Darby comes out on top. Cody hits Darby with a back elbow, and then a shoulder block to the mat. Darby collects himself in the corner and Cody lets him up. Both men circle the ring again and tie up again. Cody gains control of the arm and Darby rolls through, gaining control of Cody’s arm. Cody tries to get out, but end up on the mat, attempting his punch, but Darby counters. Darby looks to get a roll up, but Cody reverses. Cody goes at Darby, but Darby sweeps the legs and gets a jack knife cover, but Cody reverses into a cover of his own, but Darby kicks out at two.

Cody goes for a lariat, but Darby counters and tries to springboard at Cody, but Cody catches him in a Crossrhodes attempt. Darby gets out and attempts the float over stunner, but Cody counters and launches Darby across the ring into the ring post and out of the ring. OUCH.

Cody follows to the outside, but Darby sweeps the legs of Cody, sending him crashing shoulder first onto the apron. Back in the ring, Darby immediately springboards off the second rope and dives at Cody, sending Cody out of the ring. Darby doesn’t lose speed, as he hits a tope suicida to Cody, right on that same shoulder! Cody is hurt on the outside and Darby rushes him back into the ring. Darby drives Cody’s shoulder into the apron and then down onto his front deltoid. Darby goes for the cover, but Cody kicks out.

Darby goes after Cody, not letting up, but Cody sweeps the legs and immediately goes for a figure 4! He puts the pressure on, but Darby is able to reverse, putting the pressure onto the legs of Cody!! Cody is able to reverse again, getting the pressure on Darby, but Darby is able to touch his fingertips to the bottom rope, forcing Cody to release the hold.

Both men get up and Darby dropkicks Cody into the turnbuckle shoulder first, then brings Cody down and begins to get an arm bar, deep! Cody is forced to get to the bottom rope, but not before sustaining damage. Darby is frustrated and removes the top turnbuckle, but Cody tosses Darby at it! Darby jumps up and over and lands on his feet in the stage. He comes back in and rushes at Cody, but Cody counters with a STRONG powerslam!!

Both men down now and Cody gets up and hits a pump kick on Darby! He puts him in the corner and mounts the 2nd rope to hit 10 strong right hands on the head of Darby. Darby staggers out and Cody gets a springboard himself and hits the Cody Cutter. He goes for the cover, but Darby kicks out at 2!

Cody has the upper hand now and shakes his shoulder, getting feeling back. He picks up Darby and puts him on the top rope, then climbs up himself, looking like he’s going to hit a reverse suplex! He hooks the head and Darby goes up and over, crashing to the mat!! Cody goes for the cover…1……2…..Darby kicks out!!!

Both men up and Cody attempts a clothesline, but Darby goes under and gets that float over stunner! Darby goes up top and looks like he’s trying to go for the Coffin Drop but Cody rolls to the apron out of harm’s way. Darby adjusts and hits the Coffin Drop on the apron! Both men are down on the outside and try to collect themselves. Darby picks up Cody and puts him in the ring. He looks to hit the float over stunner again, but Cody catches him and hits him with the Crossrhodes!! Cody goes for the cover…….1……….2………..NO! Darby kicks out!!!

Both men get up and Cody charges at Darby, but Darby rolls out of the way and Cody goes crashing into the exposed turnbuckle! Cody falls to the mat and Darby goes up top! He looks to hit the coffin drop, and Arn gets on the apron and tells Cody to put his knees up! Cody does so at the last second and Darby is in bad shape! Cody uses the opportunity to roll up Darby……1…………2……….3!! Cody gets the victory with the help of Arn Anderson!

Winner: CODY

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