Alex Riley Calls Out Cena, Fake PAC Instagram, ROH Stars Re-Sign

It’s been a while since former WWE Superstar and announcer Alex Riley has been in the news, but Riley recently resurfaced on Instagram. The former wrestler called out John Cena in a series of photos that he posted on his social media account. There is no word as to why Riley has suddenly decided to mention “The Champ” online, but Riley has insinuated in the past that Cena put an end to his push in WWE during his time with the company. He also appeared for an interview on Jim Ross’ podcast last year and admitted that a backstage incident with Cena ended up altering his WWE career. John Cena finished filming the upcoming Project X film in China yesterday, and he is set to return to WWE very soon.

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EYE AM NOT COMING BACK @johncena EYE AM COMING FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE AND HOLD DEAR 2 YOU SEE ME NOW!!!! #RicFlairdR.I.P. Revelation 6:9 @krisjamesedwardkiley #JesusChrist
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SEE ME COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U CAN #RICFLAIRDR.I.P. @johncena #Revelation 6:9 @krisjamesedwardkiley #JesusChrist
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Neville (now known as PAC) have waited over a year to find out why he walked out of WWE in 2017. Unfortunately, the former NXT Champion still has not provided those answers. It seemed as if the answer was finally revealed when an Instagram account claiming to belong to PAC claimed that Neville made the choice to leave WWE when he lost the Cruiserweight Championship to Enzo Amore. The wrestler himself has since revealed that he did not post those messages, and he does not even have an official Instagram account. The owner of the account has since confessed that the account is fake. Multiples outlets ran with PAC’s Instagram story, but the exact reason for his WWE departure still remains a mystery after all.

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Hello, im @1stpp A YouTube, As you all probably know this account was fake, I never intended for it to go this far but it did so I think it sould end. I will be making a YouTube video about everything so stay tuned thank you lads. Also I’m sorry aswell, more will be explained on the yt video
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WWE has begun to aggressively pursue talent from multiple promotions. The company will be going up against several promotions including Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, and possibly All Elite Wrestling in 2019, and names such as Trevor Lee and Shane Strickland are said to be taking deals with WWE soon. Two men who will not be joining WWE any time soon are Dalton Castle’s boys. The Boys revealed on Twitter earlier in the week that they have both signed a new contract with Ring of Honor. Castle is one of the biggest stars in all of ROH, and The Boys are staying by his side for the foreseeable future. Fans should expect to see the trio together in ROH for several more months to come.

Brent and I just signed our second contract with @ringofhonor
We want to thank them for giving us another opportunity and can’t wait for what the future holds for us!#FanUP#TheBoysAreBackInTown#ROH
— The Boy’s Brandon (@Twin_Thing_One) November 19, 2018

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