Backstage Update On Recent NXT Talent Meeting Regarding Pay Offs

There was an NXT talent meeting held on September 3rd having to do with what we reported previously about talent not getting paid on the house for the successful NXT live events, including a $200,000 plus gate in San Jose, California.

The question was whether or not the talent would get paid for the huge gate in Brooklyn, New York at the Barclays Center the night before WWE SummerSlam, as they sold out the venue as well, producing what had to be in the high six-figure range in terms of the gate.

Canyon Ceman told talent that they would not be paid for the Brooklyn show, or paid extra for the upcoming U.K. tour, noting that the overall NXT business model is losing money and they are all still getting paid their guarantees.

It was also noted that unlike the main roster talent, who have to pay for their road expenses, WWE does cover travel expenses for NXT talents when they work WWE live events, where they also get paid extra, and they also get road expenses covered for the first 90 days once they are on the main roster.

Several NXT talents took the idea of NXT being positioned as an alternate touring brand, which it basically is, seriously, and figured that they would be paid like an alternative brand, at least on the bigger events. Essentially, it is a third touring brand for the public, but to the talent, it’s still a developmental system.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)