Bischoff Loving TNA, Jericho's Post WM26 Plans, Austin Website Coming Soon

– Eric Bischoff posted a message on his Facebook page yesterday saying:

“I REALLY am having more fun here @ TNA than I have had in the wrestling business in a LONG LONG time. Very grateful.”

– Speaking of Bischoff, he appears to be getting along quite well with TNA writers Vince Russo, Ed Ferrara and Matt Conway. He wrote on Twitter:

“Now I know I am really back in the wrestling business. Vince, Ed and Matt just stopped by my hotel and invited me out to a late night meal at….THE WAFFLE HOUSE! Home again! Thanks guys!

– Steve Austin wrote on Twitter that he is working on a new website and it should be ready soon.

– Chris Jericho will be defending the World Heavyweight title against Edge at WrestleMania, but the champ has other big plans that night. Jericho wrote on Twitter:

“OMG!! McCartney is playing Phoenix the same night as Wrestlemania!! I know where I’m going after my match….”

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