Bret Hart's Family Talks About Their New Reality Show "Hart Nation"


The stars of the new reality show, “Hart Nation,” Bret “Hitman” Hart’s former wife, Julie & her kids: Jade, Dallas, Beans, & Blade, were the special guest’s on this past week’s live edition (01/28/08) of Monday Night Mayhem (presented by Sweet Sunshine Sauces: the official finishing sauce of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio”) — which can be heard in streaming audio every week (hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, & Mr. DFL and heard LIVE at 8PM ET/7PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,, &

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January 28th Monday Night Mayhem (streaming audio):

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Here are some of the highlights from The Hart’s interview on the show, provided by The Mayhem’s senior show correspondent, Dan “Ho-Ju” Kriegbaum.


The Big Mosh, Blade, & DFL welcomed Julie & the kids to the program, and asked how things have been going as of late. Julie responded that things have been going quite well…aside from the cold weather they are experiencing in Calgary. She officially “broke the ice” with The Mayhem Crew, as she said she does not know if she could handle two Blades on one program.

Mosh then began to promote the new “Hart Nation TV” series (currently in pre-production), plugging the website & their officlal MySpace page at, and mentions some of the opinions that are starting to come from some wrestling fans & “reality TV buffs” that “Hart Nation” could possibly be like VH-1’s “Hogan Knows Best,” just with a different wrestling legend’s family. Mosh asked Julie what the ideas & concepts behind the show are, and if she has an idea as to when fans will get a chance to see what it’s all about. Julie said the show is taking a different direction than some shows that you have/will see, as she does not want to tamper the Hart name, and would like to see the family be held in the high level of respect it deserves. She goes on to say her & the kids are moving to Los Angeles, CA to film the show sometime within the next month, after all the final negotiations take place.

Julie then told the listening audience just what they will have the opportunity to see on “Hart nation, that would separate it from the other programming & shows out there like she said previously. Julie said each of the kids have their own personalities & talents, other than in wrestling, that they can “bring to the table,” which Julie would like to help them get into. She mentioned how her son, Blade, would like to get into acting, while Beans would like to pursue a singing career, Jade trying to get into modeling, & Dallas being into music — not necessarily singing. She then said, though, that it all seems to come back to wrestling in the end in some fashion. Julie said there have been some brief discussions of her & some members of her family heading to Texas in March, possibly taking part in an event down in the Dallas area, which will feature Lacey Von Erich in her first match in Texas, along with Mike DiBiase — the son of the legendary WWE superstar, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase.

With it appearing that the kids are looking to pursue other activities, DFL asked if any of them ever wanted to “lace up the boots,” to follow in Bret’s footsteps. Julie said that while Blade was involved in hockey, and Dallas was involved in judo & snowboarding, they did enjoy being around wrestling, but thinks that it’s funny that they have not fallen into it like the rest of the Hart family, such as Teddy, Nattie, & Harry. She mentioned that Dallas tried getting into it, but it does not seem like it’s something he is too interested in.

It was now time for the world to be introduced to the rest of The Hart Nation. Julie turned the phone over to her daughter Jade, who said she too was also doing quite well, but trying to cope with the cold weather as best as she could — just like the rest of her family. Mosh asked Jade right off the bat what she thinks the misconceptions will be about the program & her personally. Jade said that she is worried that some individuals with think Hart Nation is a “wannabe show” of “Hogan Knows Best,” but she does not believe that it will be like that. She says while Brooke Hogan’s career is “admirable,” her & her sister (Beans) are different, just like the show will be. When doing some pre-show research on The Hart family, Jade sent over a quote in her biography that said “I’ve touched oceans, mountains, deserts, & seas, but there are still so many things I plan to be.” Mosh & DFL inquired further about that, and Jade elaborated on her statement/quote a little more in-depth. She said that she has done so much in 25 years, but the road has not yet ended — hoping that modelling is one of the next stops along the road. She said that through the show, and through life in general, there will be endless opportunities to pursue that path, and she should not cut herself short as she gets older. She then added that her all-time goal in modelling is to be in Playboy or Maxim magazines. Mosh then asked the question on the minds of the parents listening to the interview: “Would Mom approve?” Jade replied by saying she thinks her mom & her dad both would, as they are both very supportive, and see both magazines as a “form of art.”

Dallas, the second-oldest Hart child, then joined the program, and for him, things were going well — with no signs of cold weather suffering. Dallas said that the whole family is really excited to get the show started & rolling, so they can put out a show where they can showcase their talents, and that everyone will be interested in. When asked about what music he is getting into, Dallas said he would like to look into making hip-hop, which is his favorite. He then added that he does not see himself falling back to wrestling if music did not work out, and has his mind set strictly on his knowledge of making music. He said that “getting dropped on your head for a living” is not exactly what he’d prefer, and there are other things he could do instead. Mosh & Blade then asked Dallas what his ultimate goal is through “Hart Nation.” Dallas feels that the show will be good exposure to launch everyone & their talents into their respective careers.

Beans joined The Mayhem next, and it did seem the weather was getting to her as well, saying the 22-degree weather in Buffalo, NY (the hometown of The Mayhem) was “lucky.” In regards to starting her own singing career, she says that she also believes Brooke Hogan is “admirable,” but as far as her own career goes, she feels she has her talent backing her up. She says she is trying to get over a big speed bump in that she is shy, but what is most important to her is getting the chance to get on a stage and showcase her talent. Beans went on to say she is on a border as to whether she wants to go more towards an R&B style, or more blues. She also wished to add that she is planning to travel down to Nashville to work with a vocalist who should be able to help her decide which path would be the best for her. She said she has not tried out for American, or in her case, “Canadian Idol,” because of the way they shoot down the dreams of everyone from the first show, all the way down to the finalists, in front of a very large audience — with negative comments like “You aren’t good enough,” even though they have made it to the final ten, or the final three finalists. Her goal in “Hart Nation” is for people to notice her talent — because for the longest time, she said that she hid her abilities, as she did not believe in herself. Her goal in music is to really speak & be an inspiration, not talking about “going to a club.”

Up next was the moment that The Mayhem has been waiting for in some small fashion) for six years, and on their last program before their sixth-anniversary special, Monday Night Mayhem’s Blade & the Hart family’s Blade would be on the air interviewing each other. One program: Two Blade! To go along with Blade Hart’s dream of getting into acting, Mosh compared him to “Back To The Future’s” Crispin Glover, with the effect of having a unique name to separate him from the rest of the pack. Blade (the Hart, not the MNM co-host) said that his biggest misconception is that that he thinks there is a lot more to the Hart family than just wrestling, — and he, like the others, hopes that “Hart Nation” will be able to showcase that. On growing up in the wrestling business, Blade said that he thought it was pretty easy, but being the youngest, he said he probably had “the easiest trip.” He considers wrestling a really big part of his life, growing up around all the wrestlers, and says he really loves the business. Even though it was hard at times, there were plenty of upsides. On the topic of the coolest thing he was able to see, he says the atmosphere of being there live, in-person, & up-close almost all the time, while all the other kids were watching it on television, was pretty awesome. He went on to mention that he thinks that “Hart Nation” be as successful as all of the other reality shows out there, and believes the Hart’s can really benefit off of it. When asked by The Mayhem about the first thing he is looking for out to come out of “Hart Nation,” Blade said that an ultimate dream of his would be to receive a casting call. His parting shot for The Mayhem’s world-wide audience about what to expect from the program & his family: “It’s a bunch of Canadians in the states, so anything can happen.”

In this Mayhem exclusive interview, Julie & the kids also revealed many other subjects throughout the near hour-long interview — including what exactly is behind how the show will “reveal the mystique behind the family,” more about the comparisons between “Hart Nation” to “Hogan Knows Best,” the biggest misconception on the Hart familly, Dallas’ WWE magazine articles, the families’ thoughts on Nattie & Harry’s WWE career so-far, as well as Teddy’s brief WWE run, the “Wrestling With Shadows” documentary, the Canadian/American currency/exchange rate, & much more!