Canadians Got Creative With Socially Distanced Trick-Or-Treating

As Canada continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, the fate of trick-or-treating in 2020 was up in the air in the lead-up to Halloween. Experts were divided on the safety of letting kids go out, and official guidelines varied greatly in different parts of the country.

In many parts of the country, however, Canadians decided to partake in the traditional Halloween activity, albeit with some alterations to follow COVID-19 social distancing protocols.

In Vancouver, parents could take children to a drive-thru trick-or-treating experience. In other parts of the country, solutions included using slides, chutes and even T-shirt cannons to distribute candy while staying socially distanced. Others made grab-and-go candy pouches and left them outside for kids to take without sticking hands in the same bowl.


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