Christopher Daniels Talks About CM Punk's Success, Why He Never Joined WWE

TNA star Christopher Daniels recently spoke to Here are some highlights of what Daniels said about:

TNA President Dixie Carter: “You know, she’s given a lot of people opportunities that they may not have had, if it wasn’t for TNA,” he said. “And the fact that she came around, and helped TNA last, it’s a big deal for a lot of us. Those of us who have never had that opportunity with WWE, we’re on a nationally televised wrestling promotion, and we’re living our dream.”

Why He Never Caught on with WWE: “I think that they never really saw anything that they could really sink their teeth into,” he said. “Which is OK, because you know, the truth of the matter is I was never really their type of wrestler. Or when I was, or now that I am … I don’t know … I’ve already got ties to TNA, or Ring of Honor, or wherever I was, at the time.”

Fellow ROH Alum CM Punk: “I think it’s great, man. He rose to the top at a time where it seemed like John Cena might be the only person that WWE would give that opportunity to. You know, it took him a while to sort of find his groove, but I think it’s a testament to his hard work, and his stubbornness to stick with it. And to finally break through and hold a World Heavyweight Championship for more than a calendar year … that’s a big accomplishment, especially in this day and age. It all goes back to the effort he put in to get there in the first place, and the effort he put in to stand out, and be somebody that the crowd wanted to see.”

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