CNN Moderators, Alarmed by Cost of Medicare for All, Ignore Price Tag of Endless War

Democrats onstage Tuesday night at the CNN/Des Moines Register debate in Iowa were challenged repeatedly by moderators on the cost of major plans like Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All—scrutiny that was missing in the first half hour when the questions focused on endless war and a potential attack on Iran.

“Wonder if CNN asked how much going to potential war with Iran cost?” asked artist Karla Ortiz.

“Amazing how the moderators didn’t ask how the candidates plan to pay for wars.”
—Sarah Lazare

Questions on costs and how the presidential candidates proposed to pay for their proposals appeared to use an analysis provided to CNN Tuesday by Larry Summers on the cost of the Sanders agenda. The majority of the questions on cost were directed to Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). 

But those questions only came in the second hour of the debate, and were absent during the discussion on foreign policy. 

Progressives quickly noted the disconnect. 

“None of the candidates who said they support keeping troops in Iraq were asked how they were going to pay for it,” tweeted Sanders campaign national organizing director Claire Sandberg.

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Policy analyst Dan Riffle was incredulous at the line of questioning.