Dean Ambrose talks being “constantly hurt” but not injured, being dependable, ready for Lesnar at WM32, comparisons to Foley & Funk & Pillman, not doing social media, more


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Dean Ambrose continues to hype his WrestleMania match against Brock Lesnar by focusing on how much punishment he’s ready to take in the No Holds Barred Street Fight on Sunday. Ambrose says he’s ready because he’s hurt – not injured – throughout the year on WWE’s schedule.

“I’m also constantly hurt. I’ve been hurt for 10 years. It’s not like I’m not constantly dealing with a litany of injuries that I have myself. If it’s not one thing, it’s another thing but I’ve just been able to keep rolling. I’ve not had anything catastrophic happen to me,” Ambrose told Damon Martin for

“It’s a funny thing because it’s always like the crazy freak things. It’s not like ‘Oh, he got hurt when he jumped off the top of the cage.’ It’s like ‘He got hurt stepping into the ring’ or ‘popped his shoulder out giving a high five.’ It’s the little things you can’t plan for. It’s not anything that ever enters my mind.”

As a result of how much punishment he’s taken during his career while as Jon Moxley on the indies or Dean Ambrose on WWE’s schedule, Ambrose says being in the ring with Lesnar won’t be any different for him.

“In terms of preparing for this, I don’t there is anything you can do. I don’t think people understand how the kind of mental state you have to be in to go into a Street Fight with Brock Lesnar. With 100,000 people at the arena and the millions watching on the WWE Network, I don’t think I have gotten there yet. You gotta be like screw it and whatever happens, happens. I embrace the thought of living close to the edge. For me, it could be a long night but it could be the ultimate thrill or ultimate rush. I might be executed in front of the world and it’s pretty hilarious. It’s a crazy scenario and it gets me all excited just thinking about it,” Ambrose told Ted Gruber of

“I’m ready to go 24/7, that’s my thing. He’s eat, sleep, suplex, repeat but I’ve been the workhorse for the company the last year. I haven’t had time to train or relax because I’m wrestling and getting beat up every single day. I am in a constantly in a state of readiness. I’m constantly throwing punches, getting thrown around and the difference is doing it in a different location. So in some ways, it’s the same things I’ve been doing every single day.”

Ambrose said he feels like his hard work, not getting injured, and doing Raws, Smackdowns, house shows, and PPVs/Network specials put him in the position to have a marquee match with Brock Lesnar at WM32.

“I feel like the present of the company lies in guys like our hands. The guys who are in the business every single day, guys like myself, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, whoever it is, guys who are out there busting our asses every night, putting smiles on faces and putting our bodies on the line. Guys like myself and Roman Reigns, we take an ownership like these shows are our shows every night,” Ambrose told Fox Sports.

“We feel like this company is our company. As far as WrestleMania, there’s a lot of extra excitement, there’s so much white noise and people always say stuff. I’m just worried about what I’m doing and going out there and putting on the best match that’s in front of me. When you’re going in there with Brock Lesnar, you can’t have anything else on your mind. I think that’s why I’ve been so successful is that I’m not worrying about anything. I don’t really care what anybody thinks, I don’t care what anybody else’s opinion is, I don’t care what anybody else is doing. I just go out there and do what I do and see where the chips fall. And here we are and I’m fighting Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.”

Ambrose also sees himself as a good match for Lesnar, who is the beast-like mega-force against himself playing a crazy man who’s a mix of Terry Funk, Brian Pillman, and Mick Foley. But, still unique to his own persona.

“Everybody keeps comparing me to different type of people. I don’t try to be like anyone currently, or anyone previously. I don’t try to copy and mold myself as somebody that was here before me. I throw a lot of punches so they say I’m Stone Cold, I can absorb an enormous amount of pain so they call me Mick Foley. I like to yell and scream and don’t have a filter on my mouth, so I’m Terry Funk. People will call me crazy and nuts, so I’m Brian Pillman. That’s all good and fine but I’m doing what I do. I don’t try to be anything other than myself. I look in the mirror every day knowing that I’m doing things for me and no one else,” Ambrose told Fansided.

“I like to think that it’s pretty nice that I get a lot of compliments from the old school guys. I think they know I’m a little of an old school guy myself and they see a little bit of what old school wrestling used to be. It was cool for Terry Funk to come all the way to Philadelphia to film that little bit. The things they tell me make me feel good knowing that I am being myself and not trying to live up to anyone else’s career. I’m not doing this to appease what anyone else thinks. I’m being me.”

Being himself also means having nothing to do with social media to keep up his old-school wrestler persona. “That will never change. I don’t care about social media, like social media or even understanding social media,” Ambrose told Fansided. “I don’t care plain and simple. I could care less about social media and anything that goes along with it.”