Gangrel Says Bray Wyatt Pushed for Him to Join the Wyatt Family

In a recent interview with The Roman Show on YouTube, David Heath, best known for his stint in WWE as Gangrel, discussed a variety of interesting topics regarding his run with the company. Among them was how great it was for him to see the Hardys, Edge, and Christian all become big stars for the business. He also mentioned the likelihood of the Brood being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and if he would be willing to potentially return to the company at some point for another run in some capacity.
Heath then revealed a rather interesting bit of information during the interview: he was supposedly in consideration to join and help run the Wyatt Family a number of years ago. Additionally, he claimed that it was Bray Wyatt who lobbied for him to join the group and was very vocal about how eager he was to work with him. He stated that talks fell apart due to the naming issues associated with the Gangrel name. Heath was released from WWE back in 2001, but has made a few cameo appearances since then, most recently on the Edge and Christian Show on the WWE Network last year. 
Commenting on possibly joining the Wyatt Family: “When I was talking to Bray, he was saying he very much wanted me to come in, but I think because of the name issue, WWE doesn’t own the name Gangrel, so things got shot down and stuff. It would have been fun.”

You can full the full interview here:

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