HBK Reveals Why He Doesn't Watch Wrestling, Updates On Tiffany & Archer

— Shawn Michaels noted on Twitter last night that he would not be watching the Survivor Series, writing:

“I won’t be watchin SS I’m way out of touch w/whats goin on so I can’t really give u any predictions.2 those who watch hope u enjoy. Didn’t watch much when I was doin it. Gettin 2 absorbed makes u less objective IMO. Felt I cud think out of box more that way. That’s what worked 4 me jus an opinion. Who knows diff strokes 4 diff folks. That seemed 2 work 4 me. If it aint broke don’t fix it. The important thing is that U ALL enjoy it. Shudnt matter what I thinl anyway. We r 2 provide a service 4 u, bottom line.”

Michaels posted a follow-up message after being questioned over his comments. He revealed that he no longer watches wrestling.

“That’s why I don’t talk/watch wrestling w/u all. Everybody starts playing psychologist. Holy cow its not that deep. Pretty simple 4 me. God called me home. I went home. That’s about the extent of it. No deep feelings of guilt, despair, longing.

“Just done wrestling. Sorry its not romantic enuff 4 sum of u. Works 4 me tho. Altho I’m pretty simple. So there u go.”

— The advertised dark match for tomorrow night’s SmackDown taping at the Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida is Edge, Rey Mysterio and Big Show vs. Kane, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger.

— Vance Archer, who was released by WWE on Friday, is accepting independent bookings via

— Tiffany will give her first post-WWE interview tonight on

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