Honorary Canadian Paul Rudd Loves 'Schitt's Creek' Like The Rest Of Us

Paul Rudd is a man of talents. He’s Ant-Man. He’s probably immortal and/or has hacked the fountain of youth. He stars in this great meme.

He’s also basically a Canadian now. Seriously. Where’s his citizenship?

While promoting his Netflix show “Living With Yourself,” the actor talked about a medley of Canadian things to encourage people up north to give the show a shot.


While visiting Buzzfeed, he confirmed that he’s currently bingeing CBC/Netflix hit “Schitt’s Creek” and proceeded to gush about the show’s cast and characters.

“Catherine O’Hara’s character in “Schitt’s Creek” is quite possibly the greatest creation since Mars Rovers. It’s something to behold. It’s spectacular,” he said firmly.

It didn’t stop there. In an interview with his co-star, Aisling Bea, for eTalk, he talked about all his favourite Canadian things.

He tells Bea that Canadians would love the show they star in because it involves “a lot of Tim Hortons, a lot of hockey … a lot of President’s Choice cookies.”

Bea then goes on to say that Rudd would make an excellent young Justin Trudeau if someone ever needed to cast the prime minister.

Rudd has spent a lot of time filing various projects in Canada — most recently “Ghostbusters 2020,” which just finished shooting in Calgary.

And he apparently “became a man in Canada” since he had his bar mitzvah, when he was 13, in Ontario — because he had family in the province that he didn’t want to drag to his native Kansas City.

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Can someone get this man his Order of Canada, already?



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