Huge Names Coming to GFW Tonight – Cornette, Mundo, Terrell, More

Tonight is the night of the huge Destination X tapings over in Global Force Wrestling, and the company appears to have a few big surprises up their sleeve. Among the biggest surprises saw Jim Cornette return to the Impact Zone. When Bruce Prichard announced that he would be rewarding the GFW title back to Lashley due to Alberto El Patron’s suspension, Jim Cornette came down to the ring and “fired” Prichard on the spot. One member in attendance said that Cornette announced a 20-man gauntlet tournament for the title next week, and he did not just give the belt to Lashley. Bruce Prichard was apparently escorted out of the building by security.
Jim Cornette just Fired Bruce Prichard. He is being escorted out.

— Sir Owen Disney (@SirOwenDisney) August 17, 2017
Scoop #9: Jim Cornette says things are about to change in Global Force, guys have to fight for the belt
— Jacob Cohen (@MrJacobCohen) August 17, 2017

Scoop #10: Next week there will be a 20 man Gauntlet for the Gold for the vacant title
— Jacob Cohen (@MrJacobCohen) August 17, 2017

It was also reported by fans in attendance for the tapings that former Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell made her return during this show. She ran down and attacked Gail Kim during her title match with Sienna, thereby costing Gail the match altogether. Terrell worked for WWE as the General Manager of ECW for several years before she was released in 2010. She joined TNA Wrestling in 2012 and saw much greater success as a wrestler. She managed to win the TNA Knockout’s Championship in 2014. She left the company early last year and has not been heard from much since then, but she did start using her previously inactive social media accounts once again recently.
That’s not all though! Independent star Kiera Hogan revealed on Instagram that she has signed a full-time contract with GFW. Other than that, we have heard rumors lately of Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, and Rey Mysterio coming in soon. WrestlingInc also reported that Petey Williams is backstage at the Impact Zone right now and he is expected to return as well. This is all in addition to the new title belts that GFW plans to reveal tonight. Who else could possibly be returning/debuting at tonight’s tapings? Be sure to check back here often to find out the latest developments and roster shakeups as Destination X goes on tonight.

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