"If We Win They Can't Act Like We Don't Exist": Bernie Sanders Supporter Blocked From TV Interview in Live Example of #BernieBlackout

In an over-the-top in your face moment on Wednesday night before the Democratic debate in Atlanta, a Michigan supporter of 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders was blocked from television cameras as a more conservative voter was being interviewed.

The video, which was captured by activist Devon Lamoreaux, shows an NBC News reporter interviewing a voter concerned over so-called fiscal responsibility as a woman in the background holding a sign supporting Sanders is acrobatically blocked by a large man. 

The sign, an apparent reference to the senator’s performance in the 2016 Democratic primary, reads: “Bernie won MI. 73 counties. Kent Co by 25%.” Eventual nominee Hillary Clinton lost Michigan to now-President Donald Trump as part of one of the largest political upsets in history. 


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