Is Matt Hardy Jealous Of Jeff?, Punk vs. Hornswoggle Stink-Off, Replica ECW Belts


— Bill Apter asked Matt Hardy if he’s jealous of his brother Jeff because he tends to get more news, better publicity and matches than him. Matt replied, “I’m thrilled for my brother and he is always equally thrilled with any positive movement in my career. Neither of us have a jealous bone in our bodies toward each other. When one seems to be doing better it inspires the other to work even harder!”

— WWE has plans to release an official replica of the new ECW Championship in the near future.

— The latest issue of WWE Kids Magazine has a feature in which CM Punk and Hornswoggle debate who smells worse. “CM Punk stinks,” says Hornswoggle. “True, but Hornswoggle smells worse,” replies CM Punk. As a result, WWE has created an online game – CM Punk vs. Hornswoggle Stink-Off! You can play the game at the following link.

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