Issue One launch

From Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director Paulus, new fashion magazine Issue One’s manifesto is to avoid the creative booby trap of “pandering to the requirements of the high-rolling, high-profile advertisers.” He’s working instead to put the creative reins back into the hands of a visionary team of photographers and stylists, who are free to conceive and execute their own story ideas. “Issue One has a clear message for the fashion world – transforming the obscure, creating the iconic.

The magazine does not intend to follow trends, but to be proactive and create them. As Paulus explains, “We are trailblazers who intend to change the future of modern fashion by championing the cutting-edge designers who seem to have to fight an uphill battle in the most competitive of worlds,” explains Paulus.

The format includes an eight-page cover that folds into the middle of the book, a feature the publishers claim is entirely unique to Issue One. On the inside, 12 photographers are given a walloping 14 pages each to lay out their stories, without being undermined by tricky graphics and call-out text. Men’s and women’s fashion are given equal coverage – a revolution in itself in the market-tested magazine world.

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