JBL Updates Fans On His Attempt To Climb Argentina's Mt. Death

WWE announcer JBL tweeted the following update about his attempt to climb Argentina’s Mount Aconcagua (“Mt. Death”):

“Didn’t make summit, got caught up in storms that took two lives. Got turned around by weather at 20,000 feet. Try again next year!!”

He also wrote the following about the experience:

“Remarkably, Ian and a couple from Canada (a married couple-both Doctors-who had competed in ironmen races and marathons), Drs. Jason and Carolyn, made the summit in that weather in almost 20 hours of climbing-being much faster than me, I would have been at least 25 hours and maybe as much as 30-which means I would not have made it down. I’ve been around some great athletes and these young guys were as hardy and tough as any I have ever seen, very proud of them-and all great people to be around. The guys who made it talked of stepping close to one of the dead bodies to get to the summit. No one else made it or even came close.”

Visit to read the blog in its entirety.

He also posted this video on Youtube today:

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