Jeff Jarrett’s “Most Powerful Orlando Resident” Mystery Revealed

Earlier in the week, Jeff Jarrett teased that somebody very special was going to be joining Impact Wrestling for their Slammiversary pay-per-view. Jarrett claimed that the person in question was “the most powerful Orlando resident,” and in a way, he was correct. Impact Wrestling put out a statement recently that revealed that Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer will be joining the company for their annual pay-per-view this year. Dyer is going to be proclaiming July 5th as “Impact Wrestling Day” in Orlando before one of the tapings for a future episode of Impact begins. It seems that Dyer is also going to be working as a special guest ring announcer for an Impact show as well.
Buddy Dyer has been serving as the mayor of Orlando since 2003, this is just about the same amount of time that Impact has been taping their shows in the city at Universal Studios Florida. Dyer commented: “Orlando is already known worldwide as an epicenter for entertainment, and as we have worked to diversify our economy, growing our sports-based industries has been a strong focus,” along with, “Blending both entertainment and sports, IMPACT Wrestling is the exact type of event we’d like to continue hosting in Orlando. We are grateful to IMPACT Wresting for its commitment to, and investment in, the City of Orlando and look forward to IMPACT’s next 15 years of growth in our community.”
Despite all of the company’s ups and downs over the years, the company is going to be celebrating 15 years of operation this weekend. The show is stacked with guest stars from AAA, Global Force Wrestling, performers such as Dos Caras and King Mo, guest commentators, and now the mayor of Orlando himself. You combine all of that with some of the matches that they will be putting on, and it seems like it could make for a memorable pay-per-view. Slammiversary XV will be taking place in the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida this Sunday night, and it will be headlined by Alberto El Patron vs. Lashley in a title unification match for the GFW and Impact world titles.

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