Jim Ross Blog: Another Cena Move Name Change, Has Lunch With TNA Star, More

Jim Ross posted another blog entry this afternoon on his official website. Here are the highlights:

Another John Cena finishing move name change: “John Cena’s submission hold formerly known as the STFU is now going to be called the STF….that should stop the presses.”

Recent lunch with TNA Superstar Mick Foley: “I had lunch Thursday in Miami with Mick Foley who is related to marriage to the Oklahoma offensive line coach James Patton. Mick was down with his Dad to attend the BCS National Championship game. Mick wanted to buy lunch but I told him it would kill his image and that “the boys” wouldn’t believe it any way. Luckily, the famously frugal Foley will never be broke.”

The latest on “Dr. Death” Steve Williams: “Dr. Death is now working for Southwest Airlines in Denver and doing really well. We still want to raise 18K to help Doc get a “hands free” devise installed in his throat so he can more easily communicate. Yours truly is flying SW Monday to KC to meet up with the “World’s Angriest Announcer.”

The upcoming Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir UFC match: “Sources say that the Lesnar vs. Mir fight might take place in Montreal but I feel that Vegas is more likely and certainly Las Vegas can use the economic shot in the arm. Plus Vegas is the UFC HQ.”

You can read the blog in its entirety at the following link.

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