Jim Ross On Flair's HOF Inductor, Warrior-HOF, Favorite Matches & More reports the 3/8 editions of AM Raw and the TNA iMPACT! replay did 0.8 andd 0.4 respectively.

— Jim Ross has posted the latest batch of Q&A responses at his website You can read them all here. Some highlights:

On who will induct Ric Flair into the Hall Of Fame: I have heard of several names who might induct Ric including a family member, Arn Anderson, HHH and HBK. The decision is 100% Ric’s. HHH would be a good choice as I know he and Ric are close but one can certainly say that Double A will either be on the stage or in Ric’s heart. HBK might be a “long-shot”.

Regarding the Ultimate Warrior someday going into the WWE Hall Of Fame: I don’t think Warrior is on the list of wrestlers who will never be in the HOF and if he were inducted, his live, unedited acceptance speech most likely would be classic.

His favorite matches: I have been doing play by play, or it used to be play by play, for over 30 years and have enjoyed countless matches from a gambit of generations. There were some awesome Mid SouthWrestling matches that were dramatic and physically intense featuring guys like JYD, Ted DiBiase, Dick Murdoch, Killer Karl Kox and so many others. The Flair/Steamboat/Terry Funk stuff was amazing as was Flair vs. Rhodes. Austin vs. McMahon was big time. And the list goes on and on. I am a fan and I liked a ton of stuff I got to witness.

On how D.H. Smith is doing following his suspension: D.H. is doing well. He made a mistake and let’s all hope he has learned from the experience. D.H. is a young, rangy kid who will fill out naturally as he gets older. Even if he doesn’t he has the fundamental skill set to be a very good in ring technician. Perhaps the question on Smith is will he be able to develop a marketable in ring persona that draws fans to him for more than just his wrestling skills.

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