John Cena Comments on If He Would Join The Bullet Club

The 16-time WWE Champion John Cena has a lot of projects lined up for him in 2018. From projects for Nickelodeon to his high caliber matches with WWE. John Cena is recently billed as a free agent and he was asked if he would join The Bullet Club.
“That’s a pretty elite club, I don’t know if they’d have me,” Cena replied. “I’m beyond my years, that would be like them getting a grizzled veteran, like in [the movie] Major League where they signed [Roger] Dorn and they’re like, ‘ah, we should have had this guy three years ago.’”
Below is the video of John Cena commenting on possibly joining The Bullet Club:


John Cena comments on the Bullet Club
— Deno (@KiingDeno) January 11, 2018