John Cena Suffers Herniated Disc In Neck, Comments On Injury

John Cena will be out of action indefinitely due to a herniated disc in his neck, which will require surgery. The storyline reason for the injury is due to several Batista Bombs from Batista at SummerSlam. has comments from John Cena regarding the neck injury that has pulled him out of the ring indefinitely. “It needs to be dealt with because I lost most of the feeling in my right arm and am having pain in my shoulder,” Cena told “I’m losing 20 percent of my strength per day. If I don’t do anything about it, the injury will end up rupturing and then the surgery will be more difficult. It’s not easy, because surgery never is.”

Cena will visit neurosurgeon Joseph Maroon at the University of Pittsburgh tomorrow morning to discuss the situation.

In comparison to his pectoral tear injury last fall, Cena said, “It’s a different injury than the pectoral tear because that was more of a muscle injury; this is concerning my bones, which has a lot less blood flow than muscle tissue. It also has to do with my neck, which is a very fragile area.”

On the severity of the injury, Cena said, “Every moment I stay away from the table is another moment something bad can happen. The disc is so bulged out and inflamed that any sudden move could make it worse.”

You can read’s report on the situation at this link.

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