Kane /Braun Strowman Feud Already Over?

Although the TLC pay-per-view would have led you to think that Kane and Braun Strowman were getting into a program over who was the real “Monster of Men” in the WWE, tonight it seems like Kane was entering a storyline with the Miz, over the IC Champion being the leader of the team that seemed to turn on Kane during last month’s TLC handicapped match.
Kane appeared during the show to fight with Finn Balor, then had a match with Seth Rollins, before last being seen attacking Daniel Bryan in the locker room with the lights turned off. Braun spent the show supposedly stalking Miz and then flung both Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel around for a while as he was going after Miz.
The only mention of Kane about Braun was when Miz wanted Kane’s help and the masked man told him he was on his own.

With that, it seems the plan for any long-term feud between the monsters is on hold at least or canned at best. To be honest, a lot of fans are not grieving over the end of that storyline. The end result matches were not thought of to rival Styles and Balor in terms of in-ring excitement.


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