Latest On Batista Taking Time Off, Fan Jumps The Barricade, WWE On Yahoo


— As noted over the weekend, Batista was rumored to be taking an extended leave of absence from WWE. For the past few months, Batista had been asking for the summer off, and as of last week, the belief was that it was happening soon. However, with Undertaker taking some time off, as well as Randy Orton, it doesn’t look he’s getting his break anytime soon.

— At last Tuesday’s SmackDown taping, a fan jumped the barricade and punched one of the Edgeheads. Chavo Guerrero’s bodyguard Bam Neely jumped in and pummeled the guy before security arrived to break it up. Had the show been live, the incident probably would have been visible on camera, but WWE managed to completely edit it out of Friday’s broadcast.

— An Associated Press article on Vince McMahon giving away $1 million of his own wealth to Raw’s viewers starting next week is currently on the front page of You can read the AP article at this link.

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