Latest WWE Fan Council Survey Compares Main Roster To NXT

WWE sent out yet another Fan Council survey over the weekend, asking fans a variety of questions comparing WWE to the company’s NXT brand.

One of the sections asked fans to pick which of the following terms describe WWE and which terms describe NXT:

Energy, Authentic, Hardcore, Fantastical, Unique, Hokey, Excitement, Dangerous, Wrestling, PG-rated, Shocking, Quality, Technique, Wholesome, Fun, Unpredictable, In-Ring Action-Driven, Social, Action, Nostalgic, Mindless, Giving Promos, Intense, Passion, Old School, Imaginative, Safe, Success, Family friendly, Potential, Story-Driven, Younger, Cutting Edge, Real, Simple, Fast Paced, Mainstream, Traditional, Gritty.

There was a write-in section where fans could voice their opinions about what they like and dislike about both products.

The survey then asked whether WWE or NXT did a better (or equal) job at the following:

  • Seeing good rivalries/match-ups
  • Feeling part of a large group of passionate fans
  • Getting an appropriate amount of surprises
  • Being amazed
  • Being amused
  • Being entertained
  • Having a great show to watch with family
  • Having a great show to watch with friends
  • Seeing a wide variety of Divas
  • Seeing enough of my favorite Divas
  • Watching athletic moves and maneuvers
  • Seeing the quality of in-ring wrestling I want
  • Hearing compelling dialogue/promos
  • Getting the right mix of unique characters
  • Seeing a wide variety of Superstars
  • Watching interesting stories play out

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