Lucha Underground Results (10/10): Pentagon Dark vs. Reklusa

On last week’s episode, Joey Ryan, Ivelisse & XO Lishus took on The Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, El Bunny & White Rabbit) in a Trios Match, Killshot faced Son of Havoc in a Brutal Singles Match and Lucha Underground Champion Marty “The Moth” Martinez defended his Lucha Underground Title against Mariposa in the main event.
On this week’s episode, “The Monster” Matanza Cueto took on Taya in a Sacrifice Of The Gods Match, The Mack & Dragon Azteca Jr. battled Mil Muertes & Fenix in a Tornado Tag Team Match, Famous B faced Ricky Mundo in a Singles Match and Pentagon Dark squared off against Reklusa in the main event. Let’s get right into the action on this week’s episode. 
Opening Segment:

This week’s episode opens up with Taya in the ring. She calls Antonio Cueto “a piece of sh*t” and demands that he comes to the ring. Cueto enters The Temple and Taya says that Matanza ruined her wedding and wants to make Matanza her sacrifice. Cueto says that he likes a woman that knows what she wants and he says that he knows what he wants and that is a sacrifice.
Opening Contest:
“The Monster” Matanza Cueto vs. Taya (Sacrifice To The Gods Match): Taya starts clubbing away at Matanza and then throws a couple of high kicks to the back of Matanza’s head. Taya then hits a running double knee to Matanza’s face. Matanza gets back up and throws Taya around the ring. Taya hits a big boot on Matanza and tried to go for a DDT. Matanza blocks it, but then Taya counters Matanza’s slam into a choke. Taya eventually lets go of the choke, but then slaps Matanza around and then hits a cutter. Taya goes to the top rope hits the Midnight Sun but Matanza kicks out at two. Matanza recovers hits takes down Taya. Johnny Mundo comes in and hits a jumping side kick to Matanza and the match ends in a DQ. Winner via DQ: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto
After the match, Mundo hits multiple forearms on Matanza followed by Moonlight Drive and then End of the World.

Second Match:
The Mack & Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Mil Muertes & Fenix (Tornado Tag Team Match): All four men start the match attacking each other. Muertes & Azteca send Mack and Fenix, respectively, outside of the ring. Muertes chokeslams Azteca, but Azteca gets up and runs the ropes, then hits a facebuster onto Muertes. Fenix comes in a kicks Azteca followed by a springboard hip toss. Mack goes for a headscissors on Muertes and then he hip tosses Fenix from the top rope. Muertes returns to the ring and he and Mack start trading strikes. Muertes powerslams Mack and then throws him out of the ring. Fenix then hits a side kick to Mack and Muertes and then hits a TKO to Mack. Muertes then has Azteca up in an electric chair and when Fenix goes to attack Azteca. Azteca gets out of the way and jumps into a stunner from Mack. Azteca then hits a massive midair DDT to Fenix. Fenix then hits a tope con hilo to both Azteca and Muertes, who are out of the ring at this point. Mack then hits a tope to all three other wrestlers. Azteca misses a top rope senton to Fenix. Azteca then hits a high knee to Fenix, but Muertes breaks up a pin to Azteca and then powerbombs him. Mack saves Azteca when Muertes goes for a pin.
Muertes and Mack start trading strikes and Muertes then suplexes him. Mack recovers and Samoan Drops Muertes. Mack then hits a standing moonsault. Fenix saves Muertes by kicking Mack when he went for a pin. Fenix then goes for a top rope frankensteiner and Mack kicks out at two. Fenix then hits a top rope double stomp to Mack who is on the apron. Muertes shoulder tackles Azteca as Azteca jumped from the top rope. Muertes and Fenix hit their respective finishers onto both Azteca and Mack and they pin both down men to get the victory. Winners: Mil Muertes & Fenix

In-Ring Segment:
Famous B & The Beautiful Brenda are in the ring. Famous B says that he was a part of one of the most beautiful weddings of all time and Matanza Cueto ruined it. He added that he saw his life flash before his eyes and vowed to never be that vulnerable again. Famous B then says that he is coming out of retirement and Ricky Mundo comes out and says that he will come in and shut his mouth up.
Third Match:
Famous B vs. Ricky Mundo: Ricky sends Famous B to the corner and starts attacking him with numerous attacks. Ricky then starts choking Famous B and goes for a neck crank. Famous B fights back, hitting a back elbow and then a Pele kick. Ricky then clotheslines Famous B followed by his finisher to win the match. Winner: Ricky Mundo
After the match, Ricky Mundo takes the microphone and reveals that he was the one who released Matanza to crash the wedding. Ricky then says that Taya is keeping Johnny Mundo from respecting him and challenges her to a match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Ricky then attacks Brenda by going for a crossface.
Main Event:
Pentagon Dark vs. Reklusa: Reklusa jumps from the top rope to attack Pentagon before the former Lucha Underground champion even has a chance to get into the ring. Reklusa sends Pentagon to the ring and starts attacking him. Reklusa then sends Pentagon back outside and starts poking him in the eyes followed by a knee strike. Reklusa throws Pentagon to a stack of wooden chairs. Pentagon grabs Reklusa and powerbombs her to the ring apron. Pentagon then kicks Reklusa to the back of the hamstring. Pentagon then gets revenge and throws Reklusa to the stack of chairs and then continues kicking her in the back of the hamstring. Pentagon eventually gets Reklusa back to the ring, but Reklusa hits a big boot and then gets a headscissors onto Pentagon. Reklusa dropkicks Pentagon out of the ring and hits a tope to Pentagon. Reklusa and Pentagon return to the ring and Pentagon kicks out at two when Reklusa goes for the pin. Pentagon superkicks Reklusa, but Reklusa herself kicks out at two. Reklusa drop toe holds Pentagon to the corner and then hits a tornado DDT. Pentagon hits a pumphandle powerbomb onto Reklusa. Reklusa reverses a package piledriver to hit a big boot. Reklusa goes to the top rope and Pentagon hits an enziguri to Reklusa. Pentagon hits a package piledriver to Reklusa onto the ring apron. When Pentagon gets Reklusa back into the ring, she kicks out once more. Reklusa low blows Pentagon then hits a Canadian Destroyer and goes for the pin, but Pentagon kicks out at two. Pentagon hits a backstabber and then a package piledriver to get the win. Winner: Pentagon Dark
After the match, Pentagon teases breaking Reklusa’s arm but instead takes out a bag of thumbtacks and as he is about to package pile-drive her, Marty comes in for the save and continuously attacks Pentagon with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat. Reklusa then whips out a can of a gasoline and dumps it on to Pentagon. Marty takes out a lighter and teases burning Pentagon alive, but he does not as the show ends.

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