Lucha Underground results: 'Left for Dead'

Season 3 — Episode 25: “Left for Dead”

The first round of the Cueto Cup tournament wrapped up on the latest episode of Lucha Underground. Storylines advanced and feuds continued at The Temple in Boyle Heights.

The title of the episode referred to the video package that opened the show highlighting the back story of Dante Fox. His story involves his foe, Killshot, and their background in the military. Fox was taken hostage while serving in Afghanistan.

Presumably, Killshot escaped the clutches of terrorists, but in doing so he left Fox behind. Soldiers eventually rescued Fox, leading to him making his way to Boyle Heights where he seeks revenge against Killshot.

PJ Black defeated Sexy Star to advance in the Cueto Cup

Black was the first member of the Worldwide Underground stable to appear on this episode. The stable had a prominent role on the show. In this match, another member of the stable caused a distraction that led to the finish.

In the match, Black provided a good base for Sexy Star’s flying lucha arsenal. She got plenty of offense on the way to losing the match. Black toyed with her early on, but Star quickly fired up ahead of a series of lucha spots.

Star got a near fall after a super Frankensteiner. She also flew to the outside with a crossbody. Back in the ring, she used a second flying crossbody for another near fall. At that point, Taya came out to ringside to cause a distraction. Taya also tossed Black a pair of brass knux, only for Star to get ahold of them.

Star hit Black with the brass knux, and was thusly disqualified. So, she also laid out the referee using the knux. Taya fled with a smirk on her face, as she accomplished her goal of costing Star the match and getting a win for her stablemate. This seemingly builds to a grudge match between Taya and Sexy Star.

In the weekly countdown hype video building towards Johnny Mundo against Rey Mysterio, this week’s edition showed a montage of training footage. Each combatant also talked about their chances of winning. The story remains that Mysterio is a man of people and Mundo is the cocky champion. These videos have all been tremendous pieces of business, and this edition was more of the same.

Son of Havoc defeated Son of Madness to advance in the Cueto Cup

The story is both are part of a motorcycle club, and Son of Madness arrived in The Temple to make Son of Havoc pay a penance for some slight towards the club. Both had almost identical gear, including similar vests that Matt Striker referred to as their “colors” that represented the club.

This being a grudge match of sorts, there was no collar-and-elbow lockup to start the match. Nor did they have a traditional match. Rather, they had a fight as they brawled in and out of the ring in a match that was all action.

Madness got heat on Havoc, then Havoc made a comeback. Though Madness blocked an attempted Muta-style handspring back elbow, Havoc hit the move moments later. He followed that with a springboard crossbody for a near fall. Madness countered with a double foot stomp and a brainbuster for a near fall. Havoc rallied into doing a tope suicida.

For the finish, Havoc went for a shooting star press that Madness avoided. Havoc impressively landed on his feet only to get schoolboyed. Havoc kicked out and used his own schoolboy to score the pin.

After the match, Madness laid out Havoc and took his vest. Therefore, this feud must continue. Jean Pierre Lafitte once stole Bret Hart’s ring jacket during a lackluster feud in 1995. Let us hope this feud between bikers is more memorable than that. Judging by the action in this match, it probably will be.

Prince Puma defeated Ricky Mandel to advance in the Cueto Cup

Puma wrestled in street clothes that included a hoodie and pants. It was a similar look to what Ricochet wore during his run-in this past weekend at the G1 Special where he seemingly directed a veiled insult at Lucha Underground. Instead of a cap and glasses like in Long Beach, Puma had a mask on in this match at The Temple. There were also no insults, just brooding by Puma.  

Mandel is an interning member of Worldwide Underground who cosplayed as Johnny Mundo in this match. Beforehand, he told Puma that he was taking him to “slam town.” Instead, Puma gave him a superkick and proceeded to pummel him in a glorified squash. That does not bode well for Mandel’s internship.

Puma followed the superkick with a northern lights suplex and a brainbuster for a near fall. Mandel tried to fight back, but to no avail. Puma finished off Mandel with a spinning Michinoku Driver for a pinfall in a quick match where Puma showcased his dark side.

An advertisement for Modelo beer highlighted the accomplishments of Sexy Star. The ad portrayed her winning the Lucha Underground Championship as her breaking through a glass ceiling. The ad also insisted it “cemented her place as one of the most iconic female performers in lucha libre history.” Yeah, and Mae Young is a “pioneer” of women’s wrestling.

In a locker room scene, Mysterio was giving a pep talk to Dragon Azteca, who vowed to win the tournament and go on to face Mysterio when he wins the championship. Prince Puma entered the scene to interrupt them. He vowed to win the tournament, and he also wanted to face Mysterio for the title. Puma promised he would not lose in their rematch.

Dante Fox defeated Dragon Azteca Jr. (w/ Rey Mysterio) to advance in the Cueto Cup

They took it to the air early on in the match. Fox began to dominate with his aerial arsenal as the crowd chanted his name. Azteca made a comeback and did a hurricanrana on the floor. That led into a flurry of offense from Azteca. Fox cut him off and they exchanged strikes. Fox executed a running Spanish Fly for a near fall. A “this is awesome” chant broke out.

Taya made her second run-in of the show, flanked by others in the Worldwide Underground. Mysterio fought them off at first as the match continued. Then, Mysterio was catapulted into the arms of Johnny Mundo, who powerbombed him into a wall. The heel stable ganged up on Mysterio for a beatdown.

Azteca made the save with a dive through the ropes. He went to springboard back into the ring, only for him to eat a superkick from Fox. He then delivered the Fox Catcher to score the pinfall. With that, the first round of the tournament is over.

On the next episode, the second round of the Cueto Cup features Mil Muertes against Paul London. Also, Taya meets Jeremiah Crane in a tournament match and Marty the Moth faces Fenix in another tourney match.