Main Event Mafia Member Turns 44, More Details On Impact's Record Rating, More

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The 2/19 episode of TNA Impact based around the Sting vs. Kurt Angle empty arena match was by far the most successful show in company history. The match itself drew a record breaking 1.45 rating and 2.1 million viewers. The show’s biggest success was among male teenagers, as the show did a record 1.52 rating in that demo.

Overall the show did a 1.33 cable rating and 1.9 million viewers. It also drew a 1.02 in Males 18-34, a 0.98 in Males 35-49, and 0.50 in Women 18-49, all well above the usual average.

TNA Impact started off with a strong 1.24 quarter hour rating, well above what the usually opens with. A street fight pitting Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed against the Motor City Machine Guns, as well as a backstage Main Event Mafia interview, gained 57,000 viewers. The audience stayed even for interview segments featuring Beer Money issuing a challenge, Taylor Wilde, Roxxi & Governor Palin, and Dr. Stevie & Abyss.

Mick Foley’s weekly segment, as well as a match pitting LAX & Shane Sewell against Brutus Magnus, Matt Morgan & Sheik Abdul Bashir lost 43,000 viewers. The Angelina Love vs. Taylor Wilde match and Sting interview drew 29,000 viewers. The Beer Money vs. Petey Williams & Eric Young in the tag team titles vs. leaving town match gained 57,000 viewers.

While viewers usually tune out during the final segment of Impact on a weekly basis, even with big name matches and show long builds, the Sting vs. Kurt Angle empty arena match was a huge hit. The match gained 200,000 viewers to peak at a record breaking 1.45 rating and 2.1 million viewers.

— Today is TNA headliner Booker T’s birthday. The Main Event Mafia member turns 44 years old.

— TNA has announced a return to Dublin, Ireland for a show in October. TNA managed to sell out two back to back shows at the O2 Arena there, including one that went head-to-head with a UFC pay-per-view.

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