Mick Foley Talks About His WWE Return & Who He Wants To Wrestle

Mick Foley appeared on Wrestling Voice Radio this week and spoke about returning to WWE last week at a live event from Dublin, Ireland.

When asked about why Foley chose an overseas house show for his big return, Foley said:

“The basic answer is because I just happened to be flying into Dublin the day they were there and my hotel was literally across the street. I called and asked if I could come hang out and it was a lot of fun.”

Foley was originally advertised November 14th RAW Supershow from Boston featuring The Rock’s return, but says he wasn’t surprised when WWE scrapped the idea and decided to keep the attention on The Rock that night.

Foley also said he probably has one big match left in him and named The Miz as the person he’d want to wrestle against.

* HD VIDEO of MICK FOLEY’s WWE Return from Wednesday