Mickie James Comments On WWE's Ongoing Mockery Of Her Weight

Mickie James has finally commented on WWE’s ongoing mockery of her weight as she feels “the example being set [to girls] is pathetic.” Mickie made the comment while responding to a concerned fan who wrote to her on Twitter regarding WWE cracking jokes about her weight. The worried fan wrote:

“I’m really offended right now with the WWE making jokes about your weight. I’m really worried about girls who watch wrestling, see this kind of thing, and fall victim to hating their bodies. Because honey, if you’re not a perfect 10, I’ve never seen one. Why are they letting this charade happen?”

James responded with the following:

“Awe! Thank you, sweetie. And I agree. I think the example being set is pathetic. Giving the youth a warped perception of beauty. After all… one has to love themselves first. Society makes that hard. No worries. I love myself and my body. 130 is hardly fat.”

A short while later, a story broke online quoting James as saying WWE’s handling of the storyline as “pathetic.” The multi-time champion clarified her initial comments by responding with the following, “I never said WWE…if anyone read it, I said society. If people want to use quotes from my twitter please make sure you quote me correctly!”

While James did not specifically mention WWE in her response, the message which she responded to was strictly related to her employer’s ongoing mockery of her weight.

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