Missing Dog Turns Up Five Years Later: Then This Happens

ST. LOUIS, MO — Jason Senseney drove through the night, headed from St. Louis to Denver, Colorado, to reclaim his missing dog, Fox 2 reports. An area animal shelter had given him a call after scanning Molly’s microchip. The dog had gone missing one rainy night five years ago, and until that call Senseney had believed she was dead.

How did Molly make her way to Denver? That’s where the story becomes more complicated. No, it wasn’t a “Homeward Bound”-style cross country adventure. It seems another man found Molly five years ago in St. Louis, then moved to Denver, taking the dog with him.

Now both men say Molly is theirs. Senseney has paperwork showing the microchip is registered to him, but the Denver man has paperwork showing vet care for the past five years.

“I’m just shocked about it,” Senseney told a Fox 31 in Denver. “I just want to take her home.”

He said he initially didn’t understand what the problem was. “It’s my dog. He said he found her in St. Louis and he took her in. He found her. It’s still a missing dog. It’s still my dog.”

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Officials at the animal shelter called it a “difficult situation” and said they are working with a team of lawyers to get it sorted out. “We really want to make sure we are being responsible,” a spokesperson told the local Fox affiliate.

Clearly, there’s only one solution: Put Molly in the middle and see who she goes to. That always seems to work on television.

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