MLW Fusion Results (08/24): Lucha Brothers vs Rich Swann & ACH

On last week’s episode, The Hart Foundation defeated Rich Swann & ACH in an impressive display, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor defeated Mike Perro in a Dojo Challenge and Low Ki successfully defended his MLW World Heavyweight Title against John Hennigan.
On this week’s episode, The MLW Tag Team Titles are on the line as The Lucha Brothers defend their MLW Tag Team Titles against ACH & Rich Swann, Team Filthy isn’t done with The Stud Stable and Selina de la Renta has a new addition to her stable of clients. Let’s get right into the action on this week’s episode.
Opening Segment:

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor cuts a cell phone promo on Jake Hager and says that Col Parker’s Stud Stable is going to the glue factory once he gets done with him.
Opening Contest:
The Dirty Blondes vs Fred Yehi & Simon Gotch: Team Filthy and The Stud Stable’s feud continued after last week’s Dojo Challenge did nothing to calm things down in that situation. Yehi started things out by punishing both members of The Dirty Blondes in a row as one came in after another. Gotch maintained control for a short while until The Dirty Blondes’ size helped them take control. Then Gotch won with a roll-up after Lawlor got involved in the outside with a chair shot. Winners: Fred Yehi & Simon Gotch
Backstage Segment:

ACH & Rich Swann said that their match against Pentagon Jr. and Fenix is going to be hot just like the weather.
Second Match:
Ricky Martinez vs An Enhancement Talent: Martinez didn’t give his opponent time to breath. He won with a punishing slew of moves. It didn’t last long and it was an absolute squash match. Winner: Ricky Martinez

Backstage Segment:
Several wrestlers cut promos about War Games including MLW World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki who is looking forward to facing Fenix.
Main Event:
The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) (c) vs Rich Swann & ACH (MLW Tag Team Title Match): This match started out fast with Swann and ACH demonstrating some tag team skills against The Lucha Brothers. Penta turned things around on Swann and Fenix hit a dive to the outside on ACH as “Lucha” chants broke out in Gilt Nightclub. Swann took a chop from Penta and Fenix for a two count as The Lucha Brothers tagged in and out. Then they landed a double superkick on Swann. Penta took the tag and Swann nailed a kick to the head so ACH took the tag. Penta took control of ACH quickly and then Fenix got the tag. ACH created an advantage with a leg sweep and a double stomp before splashing onto Penta on the outside. Then ACH returned to the ring to eat a superkick from Fenix, but ACH landed a backbreaker/German suplex in return. Penta took the tag and ACH was able to get away from both Lucha Brothers and get a tag to Swann who kicked Fenix on the top rope and pulled off a rana on Fenix which caused him to smash Penta for a two count. ACH grabbed Penta and then he and Swann hit stereo sit-down powerbombs for near falls. Penta hit a kick on ACH followed by a sling-blade and then Fenix came in to nail a few punishing kicks to Swann. Penta held the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion as Fenix hit a double stomp from the top and then ACH ran into a double superkick from the Lucha Brothers.
ACH placed Fenix on the top rope and then got both Lucha Brothers on his back. Fenix got free and then ACH tossed Penta on him as he shot off the ropes. ACH made the tag to Swann and he had a stand-off with Swann before they traded chops and kicks. Penta hit a superkick followed by a modified powerbomb for another two count. ACH took a moment to mock Penta before the luchador stood up and delivered a stiff kick that ACH followed with a series of kicks and a suplex. Fenix jumped in and hit a cutter on ACH. Swann splashed Penta and leaped off the ropes for another splash and a near fall. The fans were on their feet chanting “MLW” at this point as all four competitors were on the mat. ACH tried to stand up, but he sold his injured leg. Then Penta started trying to chop his way out of it. Soon all four men were standing in a circle trading chops for a bit while the crowd chanted on. They all chopped each other again in a chain before ACH and Fenix just started hitting forearms. Fenix nailed a springboard jumping cutter on Swann who was able to get to the top rope. Fenix knocked Swann down and climbed up then ACH joined him. Penta grabbed ACH and took him down with a Superkick before lifting up Swann to Fenix who landed a powerbomb off the top rope followed by a springboard double stomp into a Pentagon Driver for the win. Winners & Still The MLW Tag Team Champions: The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix)
After the match, The Lucha Brothers celebrated as MLW Fusion goes off the air.

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