More News & Details From WWE RAW Tapings (No Spoilers)

Below is what we can expect tonight on RAW based on last night’s tapings — without spoilers.

– Jeff Hardy challenges Umaga for his Intercontinental Title

– Beth Phoenix vs. Maria

– Randy Orton is interviewed via sattelite

– London & Kendrick take on The World’s Greatest Tag Team

– Cody Rhodes & Mickie James take on Jillian Hall & Daivi

– Triple H vs. Carlito

– Long segment with Vince, Stephanie and Linda McMahon. Vince’s “lawyer” is there to give new details about the identity of Vince’s “bastard” child

– John Cena vs. Ken Kennedy

**FULL RAW SPOILERS** – HUGE Fallout from Suspensions – It MAJORLY Affects Storylines!