More On Recent TNA Departures, TNA Looking To Cut Costs, Lockdown Ticket Sales

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Company revenue increased tremendously over the past year, largely due to running a regular schedule of live shows, more revenue from Spike as a result of Impact’s first full year of two-hour programs, not to mention huge increases in merchandise sales. TNA appears to more recession proof than World Wrestling Entertainment because such a high percentage of the company’s revenue is fixed revenue from Spike and less is from overseas where currency has greatly declined. However, the company is not immune from taking cost-cutting measures when necessary.

As noted earlier, the company chose not renew the contracts of veteran performers Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Jimmy Rave and Lance Hoyt. Their departures from the company were partially as a result of budget cuts.

TNA has been looking to cut costs in other areas. Most notably, they’ve been running less pay-per-view events on the road as of late. While the company looks a whole lot more major league doing pay-per-views from arenas across the country with larger crowds as opposed to the former home of Nickelodeon GUTS and WCW WorldWide, it’s simply much more cost effective to run events in Orlando in most cases.

For the most part, TNA has had trouble drawing solid crowds for pay-per-view events taken on the road. There have been countless reports of floor seats being available the weekend of a pay-per-view. Oftentimes, TNA papers the events days before the show, thus explaining why the buildings look packed come show time. For this past January’s Genesis event in Charlotte, TNA ran a deal on for fans to enter the code “STING” and receive up to four tickets for free.

In another cost cutting measure, officials stopped giving Monday off after road pay-per-view shows to save a day of costs.

Despite the cutbacks, they haven’t been close to as severe as WWE.

— Tickets for the Lockdown pay-per-view at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia went on sale this past weekend. Approximately 1,000 tickets were sold for an arena that holds 10,200.

— As reported earlier, a wrestler by the name of Satanico El Exotico worked a dark match at a recent Impact taping. There actually is no wrestler named Satanico El Exotico. The wrestler in question is lucha libre star, Cassandro, who worked under the name. TNA has plans to use again in the future and will likely give him a new name.

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