Mr. Fuji passes away at 82 years old

WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji (real name Harry Fujiwara) passed away on Sunday morning at 82 years old. broke the news of Fuji’s passing on Sunday afternoon, but didn’t provide any further details on what caused it.

Fuji had a lengthy career inside of the ring, debuting in Hawaii in the 1960s. He held the WWF Tag Team Championship five times, teaming with both Professor Tanaka and Mr. Saito.

But modern fans are likely more familiar with Fuji as a heel manager in the WWF during the 1980s and 1990s. Fuji managed Don Muraco, Demolition, Yokozuna, and others during his time in the role.

He was prominently featured in the WrestleMania IX main event, where he interfered and threw salt in Bret Hart’s eyes. Hulk Hogan then came down to the ring and Fuji challenged him to face Yokozuna in a match, with Hogan winning the WWF title in the process.

Fuji competed inside of the ring at WrestleMania V, teaming with The Powers of Pain in a losing effort against Demolition.