National Wrestling Champion Derek Foore Headed To WWE Developmental

Notre Dame collegiate wrestling champion Derek Foore recently told The Medina Gazette that he’s been offered a chance to train at WWE developmental. WWE talent scout Jerry Brisco recently saw Foore wrestle at a national competition back in March and invited him to be evaluated at Florida Championship Wrestling.

Foore told Ohio’s Medina Gazette that he’s very excited at the prospect of becoming a future WWE superstar:

“Of course I’m going to jump on the opportunity. When I get down to Tampa, though, it’s business, straight business. I’m going there to get a contract. I’ll do whatever it takes to sign on the dotted line. I’m willing to learn. In order to walk, you have to crawl. I think the chances are really good, but I won’t count my eggs before they hatch. I’ll take nothing for granted. I’ll expect the worse, but I’ll be confident I can work toward what I want. They’re not allowing me to ride my bike with training wheels. I’ll take my bumps and bruises along the way. I never thought it would happen. Words can’t describe what I’m thinking.”

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