News on Contracts WWE Has Been Offering “Legends” & Others

It is being said that most of the new contracts that WWE has been offering to the legends are reportedly for two years with a company option for either a one or two year “renewal” which they have to put into writing at least three months in advance. It was also said that WWE aims to keep the appearances of these legends to below 12 per year so that means that anything above and beyond that is compensated accordingly. Similar to the active talent, legend deals reportedly also have 90 day non-compete clauses inserted into their contracts.
As previously reported, given the current financial and competitive climate in The Pro Wrestling Industry due to the addition of AEW, WWE has been very open to giving anyone, including active wrestlers or legends, significant raises to remain with the company and it is also being said that the wrestlers are being offered double their salary and other on-camera contractors are also being offered up to a 50% raise if they signed “on the spot.”

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