November 8 Is (Finally) Here: An Abridged Election Day Resource Guide

After a national election season that many called “interminable” and where the trending phrase to describe the contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump became “dumpster fire,” the citizens of the United States (at least those who haven’t already done so) are finally heading to the polls on Tuesday.

With focus on overall turnout (and apparently the weather) as well as heightened attention on the outcomes in key battleground states, the nation should know by day’s end who the next president will be, which major party will control the House and Senate, and how scores of state and local ballot measures fared from coast to coast.

As those who have yet to vote head out, a number of tools are available to help people find their polling place or answer their election day quandaries.

In addition to a “polling place locator” created by the Democratic Party (), which allows voters to type in their address to find the location and times for their local site, the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWV) has a similar online tool () called “.” The site also provides phone numbers to multilingual hotlines to call if you have any trouble voting. And, yes, the National Rifle Association (NRA) also has a polling location map for its supporters ().