Original Plans For Mysterio-Punk Storyline, Mysterio Needs Knee Surgery

The involvement of Rey Mysterio’s family in his storyline with CM Punk was proposed to the creative team by Mysterio and was the original idea of a fellow wrestler. Mysterio’s daughter Alliyah is actually a model and actress and has impressed everybody with her performing so far.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the original idea for the storyline with Rey’s family was to be something like the Raven-Sandman angle in the original ECW but a lot of that idea was nixed because of WWE being kid-friendly. Punk would have became friendly with Rey’s children and eventually turn them against their father. Another idea would have had Punk cut Rey’s daughter’s hair but that was nixed as well.

Punk was pushing for a Mask vs. Hair match, but WWE wasn’t interested and didn’t think anybody would believe Mysterio would lose and remove his mask.

Mysterio has been working with a bad knee for several months and it will require surgery after WrestleMania. Right now the plan is for Rey to stick around and work as long as possible before he needs the procedure. The feud with CM Punk is scheduled to go past WrestleMania.

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