Pre-Order WWE's "Anti John Cena" Shirt, HBK Shoots Footage For WWE Network

— Shawn Michaels shots multiple interviews for upcoming WWE Network programming Monday.

He tweeted, “WWE Network crew is here setting up. Multiple interviews apparently for various programming. Do I have to pay to get the channel? :-)”

He wrote four hours later, “Holy cow that was a long interview!!”

— Millennium Wrestling Federation’s show on March 24, 2012 in Melrose, Massachusetts at Memorial Hall is billed as the farewell show in the area with Paul Bearer and John Cena, Sr. advertised.

— is accepting pre-orders for a T-Shirt made available at this past weekend’s live events reading “LETS GO CENA/CENA SUCKS” on the front and “We Can’t See U” on the back. The shirt is officially listed as “Anti John Cena Shirt.” No image of the shirt is provided.

*PHOTO* of WWE’s anti John Cena shirt