RAW Preview For Tonight: "Anti-Social Climber"

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Preview: Anti-Social climber
September 22, 2008

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho experienced his share of mixed emotions on the last edition of Raw. First, Jericho escaped with a win in a tough Steel Cage Match against CM Punk. But for the World Heavyweight Champion, any thought of celebration was quickly perished by Raw General Manager Mike Adamle, who unveiled Jericho’s next tall order: A Ladder Match at No Mercy against none other than his bitter rival, Shawn Michaels.

With this week marking the 800th edition of Monday Night Raw, how will Jericho and Michaels show the WWE Universe their deeply held disgust for one another? And just how much more personal will this grudge match grow between these arch-enemies?

In other Raw news, GM Adamle also arranged a No Mercy match-up between JBL and Batista, the winner earning an opportunity in the future to compete against Jericho – or whoever the champion may be – for the World Heavyweight Title.

To JBL, the ends always justify the means. With that in mind, the question needs to be asked, to what depths is the Longhorn Loudmouth willing to sink in order to gain an advantage over Batista at No Mercy and an opportunity at World Heavyweight gold?

Also in action, Candice Michelle asserted her status in the Diva roster last week. The Candy-coated Diva dominated Jillian as Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix looked on from ringside. After notching the win, Candice called The Glamazon inside the ring. As Phoenix climbed through the ropes, however, Candice showed her resourcefulness, dropkicking her rival to the floor.

Just how else might Candice assert herself in the weeks leading up to No Mercy? And how will The Glamazon capitalize on the size and strength advantage that has served her so well?

And what’s the deal with Charlie Haas? The guy has been impersonating various Superstars for weeks. Who’s going to be next on the chameleon’s list?

To find out the answer to these questions and more, make sure to tune into Monday Night Raw at 9/8 CT only on USA Network.

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