Raw Ratings remain at historic lows with significant drop-off from recent years for third straight week, still among top viewed cable shows Monday night


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The Oct. 8 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw drew a 1.67 rating among live and same-night-DVR viewers, according to our industry TV ratings source, up from the 1.63, and 1.64 the prior two weeks, but still at historic low levels now three weeks in a row. Our chart shows September’s average was 1.81, compared to a 1.65 average to start October. August’s average was 2.01.

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One year ago this week, Raw drew a 1.97 rating and two years ago it drew a 1.93 rating, so this is a sharp drop-off three weeks in a row from recent prior levels in the same part of the year.

The hourly viewership dropped as the show progressed, with the first hour drawing 2.533 million viewers, then 2.388 for the second hour, and 2.200 million in the third hour. That’s a first-to-third hour drop-off of 333,000. The average this year is 309,000, so that’s pretty typical.

WWE Raw held positions 5, 6, and 8 in the rankings among the coveted 18-49 demographic, reports TVByTheNumbers, with only NFL and MLB programming finishing ahead of it. In total viewers, Monday Night Football drew 10,506,000 total viewers compared to Raw’s peak hour of 2,533,000 viewers, so roughly a four-to-one ratio. It drew to a five-to-one radio by hour three of Raw.

Eight shows had more total viewers than Raw.

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