RAW Report 4/18/11 London, England

This overseas RAW starts with Cole ranting about King and JR also being ringside for this overseas show.

R-Truth out to the ring with all his ‘what’s up?’ BS. Can’t hear the fans, but Richard reported that the fans in London weren’t thrilled to see R-Truth. King and Cole argue some. R-Truth’s music goes off and there’s quite the mixed reaction. A cheap ‘what’s up?’ for the fans. R-Truth says he’s very happy. He’s been down a long road of trials, tribulations and demons. But now he’s in line to become the WWE Champ! It makes him feel good, makes him happy. He’s not perfect, but he is the truth. He doesn’t care if it’s Miz or Cena, but he’s walking out Champ, like it or not. And for the WWE Universe, he’s fighting everybody. He’ll be the most fighting Champion in the history of Champions. He’ll fight anyone, anywhere. That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

JoMo’s music hits and he comes to the ring. They hug in the ring. JoMo congratulates him. JoMo’s not as happy as if it was him in the match. JoMo says he didn’t say that he had to dance with lady luck. R-Truth says he’s married. JoMo says a lot of things went R-Truth’s way. If Nexus hadn’t beat up Orton, if Miz and A-Ri hadn’t jumped R-Truth and Cena. R-Truth says he had to beat three people. JoMo says he’s lucky he did it the shape he’s in. R-Truth says he’s in the best shape of his life!

JoMo rolls some footage. The picture focuses on R-Truth drinking water before facing Cena. R-Truth says he had to drink some water. JoMo says if he has to drink, and if that’s his best shape? JoMo says he’s in the best shape he can be as a smoker. R-Truth says he wants to quit. JoMo says he’d be in better shape if he quit. R-Truth says JoMo wants R-Truth to challenge him to a match and take his spot at Extreme Rules. JoMo says he accepts. The Draft is next week and possibly the last time they’ll have to face off, so he accepts. He likes that R-Truth is a fighting champ. R-Truth says these people in London don’t want to see them. R-Truth says he’ll fight, but needs two things. He asks for a bottle of water? He then asks for a smoke? JoMo says R-Truth didn’t ask for the most important thing – luck!

JoMo vs. R-Truth

Ref out, they circle and lock up. R-Truth takes JoMo down for two. R-Truth then rolls JoMo up in a schoolboy. R-Truth leaves the ring and hunts down some water. The time keeper gives R-Truth a bottle. R-Truth takes a couple swigs.

– Commercial

Arm drag on JoMo. Another arm drag on JoMo. Side headlock takeover by R-Truth. Cole gets nasty at JR on announce. A number of reversals and R-Truth rolls JoMo up for two. Side headlock on JoMo and down to the mat. JoMo up and pushes out. Clotheslines to R-Truth, but then JoMo runs into a back kick for two. R-Truth locks on a submission move down on the mat. JoMo up and hit’s a jawbreaker. Cole talks about being out covering wars as JoMo hit’s a drop kick on R-Truth for two. R-Truth blocks a suplex, then takes JoMo down hard for two.

R-Truth misses his axe kick, then ducks JoMo cross body. JoMo takes R-Truth down and hits starship pain for three.

Winner – JoMo – he goes to Extreme Rules in R-Truth’s place!

JoMo over to R-Truth, extending a hand to R-Truth in a corner. They talk a bit and R-Truth looks pissy. JoMo up on a corner posing. R-Truth was about leaving the ring, but came back to slam JoMo backward to the mat. R-Truth yells some nastiness, then nails JoMo with a running knee to the head that sends JoMo flying from the ring. R-Truth leaves the ring, looks over at JoMo, then runs hitting another knee to JoMo’s head. R-Truth looks confused, but then goes after JoMo. R-Truth tells JoMo that he made R-Truth do this. R-Truth hugs JoMo’s head, pulls JoMo up, then starts dragging JoMo. R-Truth then lets go of JoMo, dropping JoMo face first to the floor. R-Truth again looks upset and confused. R-Truth turns and hits JoMo in the head with the water bottle as the fans yell, “R-Truth sucks!” R-Truth looks down at JoMo, then pounds his hands on announce. R-Truth reaches a hand at JoMo, helps him up, looks JoMo over and tells JoMo that he (JoMo) did this. JoMo slammed face first to the floor again. R-Truth looks around at the fans giving him heat and asked for a smoke. He asked fans for a smoke and got a pack of Marlboro Lights from a fan. R-Truth lights up with what I think was a red Bic. “That’s illegal!” chants for R-Truth smoking inside a public building. R-Truth back over to where JoMo lays on the mat. R-Truth looks down at JoMo, then flicks his partially smokes cigarette at JoMo – in the way Razor Ramon would flick his toothpick.

– Commercial

Promo for the Draft coming up next Monday on RAW.

Video of R-Truth attacking JoMo after their match, right down to the smoke.

JR and King talk about this huge turn in R-Truth. They haven’t seen him like this before.

Evan Bourne vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie

Evan in the ring when – EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! She introduces Dolph who comes out with darker brown hair that’s been cut shorter than it had been. Vickie up in Evan’s face telling him that this is her ring.

They lock up. Dolph takes Evan down, then a couple blows to his back. Evan runs the ropes and hits Dolph with a hurricanrana. Evan sent to a corner, goes up and flies in a cross body, but eats a drop kick. Dolph pins for two. With a knee to Evan’s back, Dolph stretches Evan’s leg and head and leg back. Elbow drop to Evan’s back, then pulls Evan up by his hair. Evan comes back with kicks, but Evan slammed back by Dolph. More kicks to Dolph after Evan gets to his feet, these to his head. Dolph rolls Evan down by his tights, but then double drop kick to Dolph’s chest. Evan up on the corner for air Bourne, but Dolph moves. Evan lands on his feet, but then eats a zig/zag and Dolph pins for three.

Winner – Dolph w/ Vickie

Vickie and Dolph up the ramp, her clapping the whole way.

Video promo for WWE All Stars!

Cole then talks about how he’ll be knighted this evening.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Sin Cara’s debut taking Sheamus down, then taking Swagger down, then his actual match with Primo.

Video package for Edge’s retirement. Starts off with him talking about having to retire, then adding in video of Edge through his career with some words through it all. Right down to the pictures of Edge as a little boy, then him and Christian with long hair. The Brood with Gangrel, then E&C. Edge with Lita, with Vickie, with Hogan and to that heart wrenching look on his face last week that brings me right back to tears.

King and JR talk about Edge. Then they talk about Alberto Del Rio’s retirement party for Edge. Of course Cole thinks it’s great and the others don’t trust Alberto in any way.

Miz out to the ring, A-Ri in tow. Both of them are wearing new Miz shirts that are reminiscent of 70’s baseball jerseys. Miz says for the past seven days he’s been preparing physically and mentally to face R-Truth and Cena at Extreme Rules. But tonight R-Truth made a rash, irresponsible, illogical and disrespectful decision. R-Truth doesn’t realize that his actions effect Miz more than anyone else. Now, instead of facing a hip-hop refugee, he’s now facing Cena and JoMo! On top of that, he has to do it in a Steel Cage where you can win by pinfall, submission or escaping the cage. Miz could be climbing the cage while Cena pins JoMo. Or Miz could pin Cena while JoMo escapes and win. This isn’t fair. He’s not leaving until the RAW GM makes this right. A-Ri, get him a chair.

A-Ri sets up the chair, wipes it off, then Miz sits. Miz says he has all day. King yells, ‘Boring! Boring!”

– Commercial

Miz is still sitting in the ring ranting about everyone involved. At Extreme Rules, at the end of the match, Miz will still be WWE Champion. Because he’s the Miz – and he’s –

Cut off by Sin Cara! Sin Cara drops his coat at the top of the ramp, then runs into the ring and flies in the way he has been doing since his debut.

Cena’s music hits and he runs to the ring, sending Miz and A-Ri scurrying from the ring.

Ding-Ding! And I quote, “Ladies and gentlemen, this will now be a Tag team Match. A-Ri and Miz team up to face Cena and Sin Cara. That match starts now.”

John Cena & Sin Cara vs. Miz & A-Ri

Cena on A-Ri with blows. A-Ri whipped and eats a bulldog. A-Ri flees the ring. A-Ri and Miz regroup outside.

– Commercial

Cena pushes Miz down. Miz into a corner. Miz whipped, then out into a fisherman’s suplex. Miz up for an AA, but he wiggles free and plants Cena on the mat. Cena into the heel corner and choked. Suplex on Cena for one. A-Ri tags in and clotheslines Cena in a corner. Dueling chants of “Let’s go Cena!” and “Cena sucks!”

Miz tags in and kicks Cena in the face. Cena choked in the heel corner, then Miz stalks smack at SC. Clothesline to Cena in the heel corner for two. A-Ri tags in and Cena slams him to the mat. Both are down. Both tags out.

SC flies into the ring, onto Miz with fists flying. Handspring back elbow to Miz. Springboard hurricanrana to Miz, then A-Ri rushes into a drop kick. Holding one of Miz’s hands, SC runs up to the top, then flies, grabbing A-Ri’s neck between his ankles and sending both heels flying across the mat. SC elevated over the top to the apron, but then kicks Miz in the jaw. SC goes to fly, but A-Ri grabs his ankles and slams SC to the floor. Miz slams SC chest first to the side of the apron.

Miz and SC back in the ring and Miz kicks SC in the side of the head. Miz gets SC up, but SC sits on Miz’s shoulders and rolls Miz up for two. Big boot to SC’s face for two. A-Ri tags in and they double suplex SC to the mat. More dueling chants for Cena. SC into a corner, then out into a clothesline. Forearm to the back of SC’s neck and he hits the mat. Miz tags in and slams SC face first in a corner, then Miz stomps him down. Miz rushes SC in the corner, but he moves and Miz lands sitting in the corner.

Both tag out. Shoulder blocks to A-Ri, then Cena slams him to the mat. Cena rushes after Miz, but Miz drops from the corner. Five Knuckle Shuffle, then an AA for A-Ri. Cena pulls A-Ri over, tags in SC and he hit’s a springboard moonsault (mostly not even touching A-Ri) and SC pins him for three.

Winners – Cena & Sin Cara

They celebrate in the ring, big hugs, then Cole rants about being knighted by the Queen herself, tonight.

– Commercial

Another video promo for the wrestler formerly known as Kong. This time she rips off a doll’s legs, then laughs about it! (I can’t wait!)

Eve vs. Nikki Bella w/ Brie

Eve out to the ring in gold leopard. The twins out in red sparkly outfits. Brie says that Eve might want a rematch, but if she’s traded to SD, then that won’t happen. (I thought the Divas Title went to both shows and the winner traveled. Guess this is more of WWE’s amnesia!)

Eve with blows to Nikki, then a kick to her gut. Another big kick, but seemed to be out if sync. Eve dodged Nikki with a hands free cartwheel, then an arm drag to Nikki. Nikki hung upside- down. Eve went to slide into Nikki, but Nikki pulled up and Eve hit the post. Brie attacked from outside. Nikki pins for two.

Nikki stomps away at Eve, then into a chinlock as Cole talks about how horrible King and JR are on announce. Nikki drops a leg, then whips Eve. Eve back kicks Nikki, then rolls her up for three.

Winner – Eve

Eve talks smack to the Bellas. Eve celebrates, but Cole cuts her off for the important part of the night.

Cole says in a few weeks will be the Royal Wedding. In just a few minutes he’ll be knighted, Sir Michael Cole!

– Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week – King and Swagger in the ring last week. JR pulled Cole off the apron. Swagger reached after JR, tried to grab him, then King rolled Swagger up in a schoolboy for three. Cole then verbally abused Swagger. On SD Cole took Rey’s 619 for Swagger, showing that he’s standing up for Swagger.

In the ring Cole announces Swagger, then man tagging with him at Extreme Rules. Swagger comes out to the ring with a red and white cape over his arm. Cole is all smiles for Swagger. Into the ring and Cole shakes Swagger’s hand, then they hug. “Slap Cole!’ chants from the front row. Swagger puts the royal cape over Cole’s back. “Jerry!” chants fill the arena. Swagger with a scroll. JR says if Swagger has to read this, they’ll be here all night.

Hear he, hear ye! Tonight the WWE Universe will witness a brave, genuine and caring human being take the next step in his already fabled HOF career. After tonight he will not be known as Mr. WrestleMainia, but Sir Michael Cole.

Swagger says that tonight the WWE Universe will witness the first ever knighting ceremony. Please welcome Queen Elizabeth. An imposter comes out with her body guards to the ring. Cole is all smiles, turning and smiles at JR and King who just shake their heads. The fans are not at all impressed by this.

Cole kneels on a stool as the music ends and they get huge heat from the fans. She says they’re gathered here this evening to welcome the specimen that is Michael Cole. The fans start chanting something that was obviously not nice at her. With a sword to each shoulder, she knights Cole, then he plants a big, fat wet one on her lips. She didn’t seem at all unhappy about this. Cole grabs the mic and wants applause for himself. He tries to gets ‘Sir Michael Cole!” chant going, but they chant, “Sucks!” after it all.

Cole tells them that they’re all peasants. They should make a couple of peasants, specifically JR and King, should get in that ring and kiss his feet. Off comes Cole’s shoe, then his sock. JR and King head for the ring as the camera zeros in on Cole’s freaking nasty and infested foot. Swagger attacks King, sends him from the ring. Outside the ring Swagger sends King over the barrier. Swagger back in and demands Swagger make JR kiss Cole’s nasty disgusting foot. Ankle lock on JR as Cole chants over and over, “Kiss them you peasant!” He tells everyone to let that be a lesson to them all, because he is Sir Michael Cole! Cole and Swagger go around the ring in circles as they love to do.

– Commercial

Another video promo for the Draft next Monday night.

Santino vs. Sheamus

Santino’s music. He comes out all by himself. Josh is at announce now, taking over for King and JR. Cole says he has athlete’s foot, it just proves he’s an athlete. Sheamus out, mic in hand. He tells Santino that the last time they were in England, Santino embarrassed him. This might be the last chance Sheamus has because of the Draft. So tonight, the Champion of The United States of America is going to embarrass Santino.

They lock up. Knee to Santino’s gut, then stomps Santino. Santino face first into a corner. Santino up on Sheamus’ shoulder, but wiggles free. Santino drops down, but takes a kick to the back of Santino’s head. Santino over sells his wobbly knees. Sheamus clotheslines Santino, then locks a chin/arm hold on Santino. Santino tries to start fighting back. Santino up to his feet, then slammed back to the mat. Elbow drops on Santino. A third elbow drop and Sheamus pins for two.

Again Sheamus locks on his submission hold as Cole taunts JR and King, as Josh rips on Cole’s feet. They both get laughing so hard they can’t announce. Santino slammed back on the mat, hold still on Santino. Santino back to his feet. Then rolls Sheamus off his back. Clothesline to Santino in a corner. Santino again whipped, but moves this time and Sheamus eats the corner. Santino sets up the cobra, or tries and stumbles. Brogue kick to Santino for three.

Winner – Sheamus

Cole and Josh are back to their job, not breaking kayfabe laughing at themselves and each other. Video of R-Truth losing to JoMo, then beating him down. Of course, the smoke was shown as well.

Backstage, split screen, Punk and Orton head for the ring.

– Commercial

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

Punk out to the ring first. Nexus has been banned from ringside for this match. Video of Nexus attacking Orton last week, then Dolph got the win over Orton. Next then continued to beat down Orton in the ring before the Gauntlet continued. Punk kneels on the mat making faces at Orton as he slowly comes down the ramp and into the ring. Punk slides out to give Orton his posing time.

Both taunt each other a bit before locking up. Side headlock on Orton. Punk backed into a corner. Dueling chants of, “Randy Orton!” and “CM Punk!” The ref backs them from the corner. Punk pushes Orton. Orton pushes Punk down. Punk into another corner. Orton hits a high knee, then stomps Punk down in the corner. Punk screams while holding his face. Forearms over Punk’s shoulders. More blows on Punk, but stops Orton from slamming him face first in the corner and fights back. Punk stomps away on Orton in a corner, then a knee to Orton’s face. The dueling chats start again.

Orton whipped, but comes out with a huge clothesline, then another. That sick scoop slam. Orton pounds the mat. Punk up to his feet, but pushes Orton off. Orton hit’s the mat back/neck/head first. He’s holding his head, but only appears to be selling.

– Commercial

Punk slams Orton to the mat. Knee drop from Punk for two. Front facelock on Orton on the mat. Josh and Cole continue to work announce very well together. Snap mare to Orton, then slides his feet off Orton’s face for two. Punk pulls Orton up for a snap suplex for two. Again a chinlock on Orton. Orton works up to his feet. Orton gets free and head butts Punk, but a high knee to Orton sends him to the mat for a long two.

Punk stomps Orton under the ropes. Orton rolls from the ring to regroup. Punk runs along the apron and then flies into Orton. Orton seemed to put himself in the perfect spot to catch Punk. Looks like he had to adjust too much to make it look realistic to me. Punk asked the ref if he could pin Orton out there. The ref didn’t agree to that.

Back in the ring Punk pins Orton for two. Punk, all smiles, blows a kiss to the fans. Dueling chants of, “RKO!” and “GTS!” Punk holds Orton, about to suplex him, but Orton rolls Punk up in a small package for two. Big clothesline from Punk to Orton for two. Punk locks his legs around Orton’s neck, keeps Orton down on the mat. Orton bites Punk’s hand. Punk had to release as he was screeching in agony. Blows to Punk on the mat. Orton is whipped, then eats a high knee. Orton counters Punk’s bulldog with a suplex for two.

Orton to his feet before Punk. Orton goes for the Angle slam, Punk wiggles free, then punches Orton in the kidney. Bulldog on Orton for two. Punk with kicks to Orton’s legs, but grabs Punk for a backbreaker. Angle slam to Punk for two. Punk rolls from the ring to regroup on the apron. Punk hangs Orton up on the top rope. More dueling chants of their names. Punk comes in over the top with a clothesline on Orton for two.

Punk is annoyed, wants this finished. Punk up top, Orton up, punching Punk in the face as he sits up top. Orton up and grabs Punk. Orton executes his father’s superplex on Punk for a long two. Punk rolls to the apron. Orton grabs Punk and pulls him through the ropes for the DDT, but waits too long and Punk gets free. Punk gets Orton up for the GTS, but Orton wiggles free. Orton goes for the RKO, but Punk kicks Orton in the head and both go down! Punk pins Orton for a very long two.

Punk is frustrated, pounds the mat! More dueling chants. Punk gets Orton up for the GTS, but Orton grabs the ropes. Orton wiggles free and rolls Punk up with a schoolboy for three!

Winner – Orton

Punk lays on the mat talking to himself. Nexus’ music hits and they run to the ring. Orton tries to get an upper hand over Otunga, McGillicutty and Ryan, but they stomp him down on the mat. Ryan wants them to hand Orton to him. Ryan grabs Orton and slams him to the mat to much heat from the fans. Punk yells to Orton, asks if he feels like a winner now? Otunga and McGillicutty step toward Orton, but Ryan pushes them off, tells them that Orton’s his. Ryan backs into a corner and sets up Orton. Punk stops Ryan and tells him that Orton’s his. Ryan tells Punk to back off. Punk talks Ryan down, tells him to leave it to him. Punk backs into that corner, readies himself and rushes Orton. Orton bounces up and hits an RKO on Punk. Otunga, McGillicutty and Ryan rush to Punk’s side. Orton up on the stage looks down as Punk pitches a total fit.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

Most mixed