Renee Young Talks About Possibly Wrestling In WWE

Last week on SmackDown Renee Young took exception to The Miz revealing to the WWE Universe that she was actually in a relationship with former World Champion Dean Ambrose. 
Renee slapped the taste out of Miz’s mouth, but it is interesting to see that Maryse was not at ringside at this point, so the wife of the Intercontinental Champion will definitely have a problem with another woman putting her hands on her man. 
Many of the WWE Universe have speculated that Renee could play a big role in the title match that will take place at The Royal Rumble, between both Dean Ambrose and The Miz. 

Renee continued this build up recently by responding positively when being asked whether or not she would be prepared to wrestle in WWE. She said: 
 “With anything with WWE, you’ve got to be prepared for anything. How do I know Vince isn’t going to call me and go, ‘hey, PS, you’re going to be in the eight-woman tag match – you’d better know how to throw a dropkick’? Do I have any training under my belt? Absolutely not.” Young continued, “it’s more so being open to the idea of doing something like that just in case.?”
It could be an interesting few weeks for the member of WWE’s broadcast team and much like Lana did back at WrestleMania, she could make the switch from talking to wrestling in the near future. 

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