Review of Timeline History of WWE Smackdown 2007 w/Swoggle

Sadly 2007 will always be remembered in wrestling for the murder-suicide of Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy & son Daniel. You cannot do a TIMELINE HISTORY OF THE WWE without addressing it. KAYFABE COMMENTARIES fortunately does not shy away from it. They brought in to talk someone who was working mid-card and thanks to a storyline involving Vince McMahon’s genealogy, 19 year old Dylan Postl would become main event material with his other dad Fit Finlay (visitor to Timeline for 2006 Blue.) The former Hornswoggle now legally called SWOGGLE is asked to take viewers through 2007 on the BLUE brand with host SEAN OLIVER. In addition to the events of late June in suburban Atlanta & his winning the Cruiserweight title, Swoggle and Sean cover the following areas:
All of the WWE PPV’s (the brand split PPV’s would end in February), Undertaker winning the Rumble and World title at WM23, Trump vs. Vince at WM23, being part of the MITB Ladder match at WM23, Edge cashing in MITB on Undertaker, Vince McMahon’s limousine blowing up and the scrapped funeral on the day the Benoit family was found, Stephanie McMahon being promoted to head of creative, Johnny Ace moves into the Talent Relations chair, MVP wins the US Title that leads to a long term run with the belt, the Great Khali becomes World champion, Swoggle vs. Wee Man from the Jackass TV show is cancelled from Summerslam, 11 wrestlers are suspended for Wellness Policy violations (Signature Pharmacy was busted by the feds).
The arrivals of Deuce, Domino & Cherry (from OVW), Little Boogeyman (who would also play Little King Booker), Mark Henry (returning from injury), the Major Brothers (Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder), Chuck Palumbo (doing a motorcycle gimmick), Rey Misterio (returning from injury), Vickie Guerrero (as Smackdown GM), Drew McIntyre (now called Galloway),  Florida Championship Wrestling (as developmental home) plus the exits of Tatanka, Joey Mercury (wellness issues but eventually would come back), Mr. Kennedy (due to injury), Booker T (leaves due to the wellness policy issue listed above), Kristal Marshall (after the fake wedding to Teddy Long) &  the Cruiserweight title (returned recently).

Swoggle is a good visitor to the Timeline series and brings a different view; being he was working he was also a fan of the product. He gives great background into the “Little Bastard” character birth, how Ken Anderson got him in for a tryout plus his September 10th reveal as Vince’s illegitimate son. Also covered is his relationship with Fit on and off the road, how he knew spots in the matches while being under the ring (sometimes for hours), being with Vince McMahon as his “son”, interacting with the guest hosts, being chopped by Ric Flair, posing on Raw with “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, his reputation for being a bully & dick in the locker rooms, his friendships with John Cena, the Miz, Kofi Kingston & CM Punk, traveling with Great Khali who doesn’t eat meat which Swoggle would find out by accident & the real rivalry between Raw & Smackdown including backstage at the brand draft.
Next on the release list is Back to the Territories: All Japan w/Stan Hansen (2/21/17) & Youshoot Tod Gordon (3/14).  For information on Alan Wojcik’s wrestling coverage, check out & ;


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