Rey Mysterio’s Meeting With Triple H Delayed, Bayley Talks Rousey

Rey Mysterio shocked fans when he appeared during the men’s Royal Rumble match back in January, but it was later confirmed that the appearance was just a one-off. However, recent reports have suggested that the former WWE Champion has either re-signed with WWE or is about to join the company once again very soon. In fact, it has even been hinted that he could be working a match at WrestleMania in April. Unfortunately, Mysterio’s future in WWE may be in doubt due to a reported torn bicep that he suffered during his match in Northeast Wrestling over the weekend. It appears as though the sudden injury could either end up delaying or preventing Mysterio from rejoining WWE.
As reported earlier today, Mysterio suffered an injury during his match for Northeast Wrestling recently. It now looks like the injury is severe enough that it will prevent WWE from signing him for a little while. According to PWInsider, Mysterio had been scheduled to meet with Triple H at WWE’s headquarters very soon to secure his return to the company. The report mentioned that the planned meeting had already been postponed indefinitely due to Triple H having to fly to Saudi Arabia to secure a new deal to run live events in the nation. It now looks like the meeting will not be taking place until after Mysterio has healed from his injury. Given his popularity, it’s safe to say Mysterio will be back in a WWE ring again as quickly as possible.
Ronda Rousey has officially crossed over from the world of MMA to the world of professional wrestling. Rousey has now signed a deal to compete as a member of the WWE roster and she will be competing in her first match with the company at WrestleMania. Several of the members of the WWE locker room are reportedly not pleased with Rousey coming in and immediately being positioned as a top star, but Bayley is not one of those individuals. During an interview with Newshub, Bayley stated that Rousey will not be taking her spot and that WWE hired Rousey because she is an attraction for the company. The former Raw Women’s Champion also stated, “I don’t feel like she is taking the spotlight away from us – if anything it is pushing us to be better because she is getting that spotlight, so we have to push harder to keep our spot. My goal is to be the women’s champion, to main event on a regular basis, to be at WrestleMania. It doesn’t matter to me who comes in, they are not taking my spot unless they earn it.”

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