Should Snow Volleyball Feature in the Next Winter Olympics?

A lot of hype currently surrounds the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea but we’re scratching our heads at an omission from the tournament that could make it that bit more interesting.

Plenty of the more mainstream sports are covered in excess but TeamFA have made efforts to cover all sports, from Boxing to NFL, and everything in between. Read on as they give a run down on a new side of Volleyball that could be set to take the sporting world by storm and take a look at all sports covered by TeamFA.

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Snow Volleyball started being played at the start of 2017, where fans of regular volleyball tried out this new edition when holidaying in the Alpes and Andes, only to find it to be equally as thrilling as the sport it’s based on. The only differences between the easily recognisable version of volleyball we’re so accustomed to and this alternate edition, is exchanging sandy beaches for snowy mountains, as well as an understandably crucial change in clothing for those participating.

In response to the sudden rise in people playing the sport, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) instantly commented, stating that they’re determined to achieve status as the only sport to feature in both the Winter and Summer Olympics. There’s scope for doing that in future years and it certainly sounds like something most of us would happily pay to watch!

There’s more than enough opportunity for the Winter Olympics to branch out too, as it only facilitates fifteen different sports, as opposed to the twenty-eight sports regularly featuring in the more exposed Summer Olympic games. Of course, it opens the door to discussions over whether they’d use the same team of players for each edition of the sport, or whether there’d be an open door for more professional athletes to take part in facing the differing elements.

What do you think on the matter? Do you think volleyball should stick to being a solely summer-based sport? Or, do you see there being potential in making it something we can enjoy throughout every season?

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