Sin Cara Update: Backstage Heat, Suspension Ending, Hunico

Last week on SmackDown, we saw developmental wrestler Hunico make his WWE television debut, donning the mask of Sin Cara while the original Sin Cara (Luis Ignascio / Mistico) finishes up this 30-day suspension this week.

A WWE source has informed us that it was in fact Hunico working as Sin Cara once again at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings from Bakersfield, Californi – set to air on Syfy this Friday night.

Luis Ignascio, will be eligible to return to WWE this weekend – but many are questioning whether he’ll be brought back at all. After a rocky start in WWE over the past several months due to blown spots, poor matches and an overall underwhelming rookie year, the original Sin Cara reportedly has “nuclear” backstage heat on him.

* Pictures of Sin Cara Unmasked