Slammiversary Match Changed; NFL/TNA Update, More Stars Added


– TNA has changed another Slammiversary match. The original bout of Frank Wycheck (former Tennessee Titan) taking on James Storm has been converted into a tag match with Wycheck teaming up with Jerry Lynn to take on Storm and Ron Killings. This will mark Killings’ return to the company from injury (who is apparently now working as a heel).

– Also announced, current Tennessee Titan Defensive End Kyle Vanden Bosch will be in the corner of Wycheck and Lynn for their match.

– Original plans were to have Wycheck in a tag match with Lynn, Storm, and Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis. However, after the Ravens made Lewis pull out, the bout was changed to a singles match. Now the bout is back to a tag match with three experienced wrestlers, which should make for a better match.

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